Tryouts and an internal message

Tryouts are happening again. No BS, just sign up.
To all internal team members, this thing where you visit the team IRC chat once, talk about how you’re going to make stuff, and drop off the face of the earth like MXXD, Lexx, and so on (you know who you are) be more faithful or you’re running a fine risk. There’s a reason we haven’t had an update in two days, and it’s people like you. Cut it out. Do I need to make this any more clear?

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  • I remember when this place used to get one or two updates a day. Now it’s about one every two to three days.

  • Blame the lazy bums within our team, not the faithful ones such as BP or S. We’re working on fixing it.

  • If only there was an Androu2 but there is not.

  • Hey i don’t make updates anymore coz every post i put up is taken down.

  • Hire Chicken Chaser this time.

  • Chicken Chaser would be a nice additon. Good luck finding people. I think they just get a kick outta making good textures get on some teams then die…

  • Hire that Kid, and replace RoyPh123X.

  • i lawl at the slow death of stack smash

  • Yo PZT, sign me up for Round 3!!

  • BTW, i was checking the members list, most of em inactive, also, i didnt even remembered warchamp .-.

  • @ryuken: I lawl at your mother and your plainly derivative name with numbers in it. Numbers are not for cool people.

  • Seriously, who even runs this place anymore? SS has passed its prime. Ever since the 3+ week server downtime, this place has been, well, crap.

    So, I would suggest either,
    A. Getting all the original members back
    B. Completely revolutionize SS. Except for one or two members, get a whole new team.
    C. Let it die.

  • The community is dying so fast, not just at SS, of course. I was referring to the smash hacking community in general.

  • @Vile:

    Read it completly…..
    in resume I have 20 years old, I gonna return to the college this year, my family isn’t passing by a good economical situation, and my computer is a bullshit with blue screens almost 2 times in a month.

    We have a life outsite texture hacking, but if you don’t have the LITTLE patience to wait JUST 2 DAYS, then there is the solution:

    -Create us an PayPal account and donate us money every month, and then we gently will make updates, even 10 times at day!!!

    Now seriously, half of us have more important things to do in RL, and the other half are losing the interest of texture hacking, and i hate the idea of “force” them to do something

    PD: If you can’t stop crying, I AM WORKING IN A FUCKING TEXTURE RIGHT NOW!! >____>

    PD2: Soy chileno y VOTARE POR PIร‘ERA, asi que pico……..

  • I’m not kidding–I’m coming off of hiatus tomorrow and getting back to work. I’ve been busy makin’ comics, been having a life with friends, and other stuff too. But I’ll be getting back to work, and have no intention to permanently quit anytime soon.

    I mean, I completely agree that we need members who will work. I can’t even pretend that I could feed the blog like Androu once did.

    Plus it would be great to have someone into animation edits and stuff like BigSharkZ (he’s said it himself). It’s not that we need a rivalry–we’re on good terms with ESH and that’s great, but it’s not as fun if we don’t have similarly amazing, groundbreaking new stuff… which some members had joined to bring to the table and never delivered…

    Dhragen’s got some great ideas though. If I got paid to do texture hack, I wouldn’t do anything else :U

  • Just calm down. Updates will come when they come. And the Smash Hacking Community is far, far from dead. It’s just that, like Dhragen said, alot of SS members have stuff to do in IRL, and that texture hacking is not as popular as it once was, with the growing amount of hackers doing PSA hacks and Brawlbox hacks instead of textures:

  • R.I.P. Stack Smash


  • Also, I say yes to Chicken Chaser.

    2008-2010, when PZT killed him for making snap judgements

  • @BSZ
    r u saying its already dead or that its going to die this year, i don’t think its that bad at the amount of updates

  • PZT doesn’t want to admit that StackSmash is dying ๐Ÿ™

  • @PZT and Dirtboy345

    Altough it is indeed dying because of lack of newer updates and active members, I was just joking. And I’ll be dead when you’ll do a fap overdose. =3

  • Tryouts again? well, this place does need more activity.The place just collapsed after the inactivity when the site was down. Hopefully you guys will find some people that make good textures and not just pick the first ones that apply.

  • I’ll try, but it seems like, since texture hacks have become so easily accessible to the masses, no one really cares about them any more. Any shmuck can pick up ASH or Brawlbox and make a MegaMan now. I think we need some animators, PSA makers, and model hackers.

    That being said, I plan to finish my current PSA project and attempt to try out with that. (In case you’re wondering, it’s a certain demon Overlord that pals around with penguins, dood) It’ll take some animation hacking, which I’ve never tried, but let’s see how it turns out.

  • … You can always try and feature quality works you find on your boards …

    OWAIT, there are no boards. ๐Ÿ˜•

  • I’m back to tryout again, and it seems I already had support before I signed up, thanks shadowsquid86, Pinutk and BP.

    Here’s my topic:

  • @Miacis, Chicken Chaser just burned you… lol


  • I also vote for Chicken Chaser. Great guy! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Or, you could try model hacking.

  • If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, I suppose.

    Here my blog:

    I’m also on EC:

  • Drop off the face of the Earth: Check.
    Slow return to greatness: In progress.

  • Ill gladly audition, ive been meaning to return to the world of texture hacking anyways. where do i go again

  • Sorry that I haven’t updated in a week or so, and I won’t be able to for another week because I don’t have access to my computer.

  • @catgowoof: don’t worry man, we can understand your problem perfectly (specially me, XDD)

    Hope that you can access on it as soon as possible, ๐Ÿ˜›

    And I also vote for Chicken Chaser as new member for the team, his textures are really shocking (in good terms, :P)

  • I swear, I’ve got absolutely no photoshop anymore. However, after my dad buys new RAM for this (used but clean) XP or mine, I’ll get cracking, I swear.

    …And I REALLY need the model importer to finally be released, that’s what’s really my strong point :< (If you ever saw any of my models you'd agree… I'm still working on Emerl BTW :U)

  • Thanks RAWRzilla, Dhragen and any I’ve missed.

    HSX, I just pissed a little at the idea of Emerl in Brawl, we definitely need a model importer…
    Emerl would be win if his moveset was comprised of everyone elses moves.

  • I am not sure what the requirements for sure are for trying but I like to make textures every now and then.

    I would like to try and join, but I am afraid I don’t have much skill.

    I do think I make some cool textures. but I guess I would have to let others be the judge of that DX.

  • I don’t hack anymore, my Wii broked.

  • Same here. I have been gone 4 months and texture hacking and the Wii is boring.

  • i may want to try my hand at this. i tried for a little while, but the only way i was able to see my progress was to compress it into the .pac file or whatever and then put it into brawl. that was the only way to do it at the time and, quite frankly it got old really fast.

    i’m assuming that’s not what everyone else does… and i’d have to look through ass loads of shit if i’m to look on the ‘net.

    i’d like to see what i’m capable of and see if i’m good enough to join the team and if not… well, i can improve?

    so please, what do people use?

  • Has this been forgotten about? D:
    Have I missed something or are these just really, really long tyrouts?

  • @Chickser, you was choosed WEEKS ago, and you don’t even joined to the IRC chat for give you instructions, etc.!!??, >:U


    “/join #stacksmashhacks”

  • I’ve JUST found out I’ve been accepted, nobody told me, or the message didn’t reach me anyway.

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