Sonic and C. Falcon require some assistance!

…Well, sort of.

Sorry, not an anything-update, just in need of some info. Don’t mean to disappoint. >:

In any case, this is something that’s been bugging me for a while, but anyone I ask is pretty much clueless… so…

1.) Does anyone know where/how I could acquire some of Dan Green’s voicings? You know, the current voice actor for Knuckles and a ton of other characters. Clean voice clips. I hear Sonic ’06 has a ton of stuff, but I don’t have either system for it, so not much I can do there.

2.) Where can I find some voice clippings for Black Shadow, from F-Zero GX? (Again, some clean voice clips.) I was able to get his .AHX files from the game, but for some reason they won’t run in Winamp, even with the .AHX plug-in… Perhaps I’m missing something?

Any leads whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. (:

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  • sorry S, I can’t help, but best of luck to ya. Also can’t wait to see what you’re working on, sounds awesome. And I’m not gonna say it.

  • ^^

    It. There I said “it”.

    Lolololololololololo- *shot*

    Anyway, sounds like S has quite a cool thing (but not a project because S isn’t as retarded as to call everything a project) coming… hmm…

  • Dan Green? HELL YEAH I wish I could help you but IDK were to find the clean voices sorry but still DAN GREEN FTW

  • Ask LittleKuriboh to supply Dan Green’s voice for you. XD

  • @Tyeforce
    I was about to suggest that.

  • Sorry..only have SA2 Voice clips.

  • So you’re gonna make a voice pack for Black Shadow, and Knuckles… Or maybe not Knuckles, but an English Mewtwo voice pack. XD

  • 1: Dan Green Wins. Everything.

    2: If you could find a Sonic game or something with a sound test feature, that’d be a good source. Having said that, very few games at all have sound tests…

    3: Could this mean that SD card SFX h4x have come to fruition???

    3b: …Or are you just using the iso method? sadface

  • English Mewtwo.
    That’s all I’m going to say.

  • sorry i only has all of the sonic hero, SA1, and sonic and shadow’s voices for SA2

  • You’re asking someone to go get the 2006 game for voice clips? sound is the only good thing about that game, and telling someone to get it is like murder.

  • @Eggboy13, Said Eggboy13.

  • @Eggboy13, that’s certainly on the right track; thanks! :}D

    @Tyeforce: If that’s a serious suggestion… where might be the best place to get in contact with ‘im? I’ve seen some of his stuff once or twice before, but they’re always scattered.

    @pokez117, I’m not asking anyone specifically to rip the voices for me. I’m just asking whether or not they already HAVE been ripped and are floating around the internet somewhere.

  • Also, I’m not sure, but maybe if you e-mail Dan Green, he could help you. (I’m not sure what his reaction would be, though, and if he would do it or not…)

  • I really don’t think there is much you can get out there for Black Shadow. The only stuff I can think of are his lines from the victory interviews or story mode cutscenes, but they all have music or something in the background and aren’t very clear.

  • @GoldenYuiitusin: I’ve tried looking for Mr. Green’s email, but as it stands I have yet to find it. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s under wraps due to him being one of SEGA’s prime voice actors and all… But if you’ve come across it, please do share; I haven’t seen a thing on it.

    @Mochtroid127: Same, seen only interviews and cutscenes… I have his .AHX voice files, but for some reason they won’t play in Winamp… Just inches away from getting his clips out, if they would only work!

  • You guys seriously need more active members. There’s rarely good stuff to be seen here, no offense, and most of your members are dead. I say kick them out if they don’t answer to any message you could send to them, and make a post asking for people to join. You could look on Smash Boards, as there are plenty of awesome people you could hire.

  • Oh, one more thing. You guys should try making vertice hacks or animations. Textures are great, yes, but you also need a bit more ideas.

    I’m not being mean or anything, I’m just giving some points that you could work on, as Stack Smash used to be a very popular site that had about 40 comments for each post when my blog only had like, 10/15, when now it’s the contrary.

  • @BigSharkZ They’re all working on things, more than textures, from the sound of things here, S is working on Knuckles and Black Shadow. They take the time to make quality stuff here. It helps explain why I visit them everyday, and ESH like once a month…

  • I agree with BSZ to an extent, but I think SS is doing fine, sure we may have less viewers than before, but who cares?

    just because SS has less views/comments doesn’t mean they are a worse site.

    also BSZ, the “kick because inactive” rule of yours has gotten some very unhappy customers on your site, no offense, but SS only removes members if they WANT to leave, whether they are active or inactive

  • We don’t have less viewers in general, it’s just that no one cares to post anything.

    Dhragen’s survey has about 50 replies.

  • Damnit, I expected Sonic Spah.

  • @pokez117

    “They’re all working on things, more than textures, from the sound of things here, S is working on Knuckles and Black Shadow. They take the time to make quality stuff here. It helps explain why I visit them everyday, and ESH like once a month…”

    “ALL” working on things? You just listed one. The others all do textures beside, what, Pik with his animations on Pokemon Trainer (Which are awesome, by the way)? Plus, did you say that you visit us once a month because we don’t have quality updates? Excuse me, but do you even see what we are all working on? Vertices, animations, great textures, when SS rarely updates anymore. I’m not saying their stuff isn’t good, but they don’t update as much as before. And to be honest, not bragging either, I’m probably the one who’s working the hardest in any of the existing teams, because I don’t concentrate on one type of hacking, but I try to make something out of every kind of hacking we can do. Plus, you’re in no place to complain when you can’t even do anything good. We’re the ones who are working everyday to please you guys (which rarely seems to happen anyway).


    Well, I care, as it would suck for such a great team to lose popularity like that. And I’m not talking about the fact that less popularity means that they’re not good, I said that the fact they update less and only with textures makes their popularity go down. Unhappy customers? Care to list any? Notice how I mentionned that they should contact them to remove them or not? If they don’t want to belong to the team anymore, then they can be removed. I didn’t remove any inactive members of my team either, I try to contact them.


    Yeah, but that’s not something he made, of course that post got a lot of replies because he’s asking for the viewer’s opinion, but when any of you makes a texture, it rarely gets over 20 comments, unless people are talking to each other.

  • @BSZ: “Plus, you’re in no place to complain when you can’t even do anything good.”

    Saying someone doesn’t have an opinion on something just because they can’t do something as good or better is fucking stupid.

  • @Androu: Agreed

    @BSZ: I honestly wonder how you can say that, the amount of people who have left your team from either never getting any “help” or being “kicked” by you is quite large, you’ve even had previous members post about it in “hate” or rather “rebellion” posts on the blog instelf, I don’t mean this nastily, but really, SS only removes members if they personally ask a member(s) of the team first, like I did … twice

  • @Androu1

    What I meant by that is that I dislike when someone criticizes someone’s work for retarded reasons when they are no good themselves. I always accept criticism, but it always has its limits, and should not be related to a stupid or sensless comment.


    What I said is that I never kicked any members because they were inactive. I always have a reason to remove someone.

  • Whoa, didn’t mean to spark a fight down here, just saying that SS does what they do, and I prefer them over ESH is all, and that they might be working on things they haven’t announced yet.

  • ESH has some impressive vertex edits. It’s pretty much the only thing they’ve been doing recently, so I agree that SS needs more than just texture hacks (BSZ’s Skull Kid is a good example in particular)

    I mean, aside from the two(?) people already doing model overhauls here, the only person who has actually shown some interest in adapting is Dhragen.

  • pokez117, never mind BSZ, he flips out over the tinyest of comments 😛

  • @Mewcario: Ummm, I think those projects are for Melee, not Brawl lol

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