Astral Destination v1

Just finished this like 10 minutes ago

Haven’t seen anything besides the platform, and as such, if anyone downloads this (please D:) I’d really appriciate some screenshots of the surroundings rather than the platform D:

BrawlBox preview, don’t shoot me 😛 = DOWNLOAD 😀


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  • Bleh, I like the platform, so yeah, hopefully the rest will turn out good D:

  • Say, that doesn’t look half-bad.

  • … destination……….on grey-scale???

    PS: i don’t like Final Destination, > : U

  • I love all that grey. Grey, grey, grey.

  • oops accidentally hit submit… here are other snap shots

    Pic 2:

    Pic 3:

    Pic 4:

    Pic 5:

    Pic 6:

    Pic 7:

    *there are bars and boxes that show up that really make the stage look… umm bad, and in the beginning there is this BIG white box that bugs the hell outta me and it gets bigger and bigger. this stage does have its awesome parts though. if you could fix this IT WOULD BE THE MOST EPIC FD TEXTURE imo. 😀

  • *cough* there IS more Purple textures in the file than Grey, you just can’t see it because of the BrawlBox preview :/

  • dang that is epic.

  • I liked it, it has a nice background to it exect for the huge white square that I’ve seen, but other than that it’s awesome, you really made it a neutral stage. 🙂

  • Sorry to have to post this here on this post.
    But apparently I was blocked from ESH’s comments for some odd reason & I have a message for BSZ.

    @BigSharkZ –

    I am by no means an advocate and/or full on representative of the ENITRE brawl hacking community, nor do I mean to show myself as such.

    I believe we were all patient with Syntax Error for the fact there was NO ONE in the world doing what they were doing, now we see all kinds of people making all these awesome different hacks that certainly make Syntax’s work looks like child’s play (not that it was at the time, by a long shot). We just have way better tools & priority now for hackers to go into a much greater depth of hacking & not to necessarily say that you are, in a way, “competing” with other hackers but, there are a ton of people who complete wonderful hacks without even showing ONE teaser, what they do is work on it until it is just finished. Only to name one example out of many such Das Donkey’s & KC:MM’s cloud model v.2 & PSA, it’s amazing & granted they did do one teaser, but the full download followed shortly after.

    Also you are absolutely right, I along with most other people on the internet, know nothing about your personal life, what I do know is that you create brawl hacks. While I am nothing but deeply sorry if there is a great obstacle in your life, all I see here is brawl hacks, so I believe that’s the only thing I feel that I have to right to comment on, & that’s what I do.

    On another note, the reason why I was so quick to say that these haven’t been released is because every single time that I see that ESH’s latest blog post says :TEASER!!!1:, I unfortunately have absolutely no choice but to believe it on the spot.

  • Nick G. do you have any snapshots of the stage?
    I currently can’t use my Wii hence why I used (another) BrawlBox preview, I’d be really happy to fix the “White Box” you’ve said about if I knew where it was and such, anyway, thank you very much for downloading 😀

    Zaiko, its fine with me, go right ahead 😀

  • Gimme a Sec Ill Upload some pics….

  • Woah, BBox screwed up the colors royally o.o

    I’ll actually use this now 😀

  • Was the name change on me really necessary? :l

  • Zaiko: Did u say sintacks errer? omg i miss }ee{, stacks mash will never be as good as thems

  • I am a butthurt weeaboo that loves cocks

  • its really neat, but i have a question
    theres some empty squares that will appear as the stage is moving, or, ya know, changing as fd does
    is this how its supposed to be or is there supposed to be some sort of picture there?
    its really neat though, and im using it otherwise lol

  • I love how mature people are. Like really. I tried to help, and I get this? Really thats just… stupid.

  • alrighty, I figured the problem, see, I made this in Paint.NET rather than the usual GIMP (yeah, no Photoshop for me)

    So all I need to do is import/remake the current textures in GIMP (if needed) rather than Paint.NET and everything should be OK in v2

    Big thanks to Jack, uh … Stupid Little Weeaboo and Sheikan Akiro for the pics ….. uh, sorry, I didn’t catch the name before it got changed :/

  • Nice to see that the guys running this place are as stupid as ever. -.o’

    Anyways this look very pretty. It’ll definitely be replacing the Mario Galaxy Sanctuary for me when it’s finished. :3

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