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Yet another member

MeleeMaster500 here from ESH.

I’m a new member to Stack Smash

Mah Banner

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Wanted: Swordless Ike

I don’t mean to steal the thunder of Lexx and Pik (sorry dudes) but c’mon, just hear me out, please…

There’s a texture I want to make for Ike and the only way it’ll really work is if he has no sword. Now that things like Ness’s little bit of hair and most of Meta Knight’s mask can be removed, I figure Ike’s sword can, too. I don’t know the first thing about hex editing, so can anyone help a guy out here (ideally, linking me to a download for a PAC and or PCS of Ike with no sword)?

With love, from BP.

Uhh, Ohai.

Yeah, I’m Lexx. Now look at my gay banner and other crap I’ve done.

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Triple update + an intro

Alright, so Stack Smash hired me to help replace some of the retired hackers.¬† (not that i’ll be a good replacement lololol)

Here’s G/S/C Pokemon Trainer, Nayru, and Mushroom Kingdom.

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6 Updates in 1!!

And no, I don’t mean Pako or Nicktendo, as far as I know, they’re both still around … somewhere …

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What’s with these guys!?

It’s like one of my Japanese animes!

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Revampin’ sum DMC

I have noticed that my most popular texture to date was my Dante Ike, so I’ve decided to revamp ol’ Dante to look twice as epic and twice as seckzy
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That’s the sound a Wa-kart makes when you drive it on
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It’s ‘fficial

Mushroomy Kingdom ‘s the new ‘ucas. These are my ‘fficial instructions. Here ‘re Mushroomy ‘oldrush ‘nd Undergroun’ Spy ‘ase, both base’ on T’am Fort’ess Tw’.

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That’s it.

I’m retiring. I’m too sick of this. Everyone makes fun of my hacks, so don’t expect any more textures from me.

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