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It’s top tier time!

Meta Knight is top tier in SSBB. Rufus is top tier in Super Street Fighter IV. What happens  if two top tier characters become one?

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Creating Creators

Jim made a Golden Goddess. BP made A Giant. The show, let’s get it on the road.
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The answer lies in the heart of battle…

A martial arts master, trained by the legendary Sheng Long Gouken, best friend of Ken, rival of Sagat, and the target of the mighty Akuma…

With his powerful Hadouken, Shoryuken, and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku techniques, he can take on all who challenge him.

The mighty lone wolf of martial arts, it’s…

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Update finally got its act together!

Three legendary golems: Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. When the three are gathered in a forgotten ancient temple, what was thought to be a statue stirs, awakened once again. It rises, slowly stumbling at first, with its feet covered in moss from centuries of inactivity. But eventually, it gains momentum, becoming an unstoppable power-house. The collossal pokemon: Regigigas.

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A Legendary Monster

In the fifth Starfy game (In the states, The Legendary Starfy, first game from the series to come here), Starfy can team up with an alien named Bunston to transform into a variety of things. The first transformation you receive is a cute and cuddly fire-breathing dragon, with Starfy’s face nestled safely in its belly. Here it is (minus the cute and cuddly), the power-up known as Monstar!

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The crossover finishes.

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe…

Mario and Sonic.

Fanboys clamor for a crossover game, claiming that it’d be the best game in the history of evarrr. And so, Nintendo and Sega shook hands, and the process begun.

Mario and Sonic stared in awe at the monstrous machine before them. It was called the “Crossover…er”, and it was the latest of technologies, made from the collaborative minds of Nintendo and Sega.

Mario and Sonic stepped nervously into their pods, ready to begin the “crossover.” The machine sprung to life, a horrible noise filling the air. At that moment, a Nintendo intern by the name of Waluigi hit a wrong switch.

The Crossover-er exploded. As the smoke cleared, a lone figure stumbled out of the wreckage…a horrible, deformed creature…

The Maronic was born.

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What’s with these guys!?

It’s like one of my Japanese animes!

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Seeking the Rings of Power…

…so that he may defeat the evil sorcerror Ivonor Robanok. He pits his strength, his courage, and his fabulous Beamsword against the forces of evil! He is…

Sonic the Hedgehog the Barbarian!

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Today is Stack Smash’s Birthday. It is one-year-old! A toddler! It is time for its first party!

For the party, we invited some guests that return to the sites roots: Recolors…and beards.

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You will be having nightmares tonight.

At level 25, Gastly evolves into…


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