Wanted: Swordless Ike

I don’t mean to steal the thunder of Lexx and Pik (sorry dudes) but c’mon, just hear me out, please…

There’s a texture I want to make for Ike and the only way it’ll really work is if he has no sword. Now that things like Ness’s little bit of hair and most of Meta Knight’s mask can be removed, I figure Ike’s sword can, too. I don’t know the first thing about hex editing, so can anyone help a guy out here (ideally, linking me to a download for a PAC and or PCS of Ike with no sword)?

With love, from BP.

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  • my first furst. πŸ˜› Meta’s Mask can be removed? And there’s no Broken Mask Meta?? sry i dont have anyting to help ya. :/

  • I thought Meta Knight couldn’t be transparent, considering that none of his body parts (except for his eyes) have transparent areas.

  • @Mario and Sonic Guy

    That’s the beauty of Brawlbox.

  • No issues, man. You’re not stealing any thunder.

    ANYWAY, I have no idea how to use Brawlbox. I feel so old as a Brawl texture hacker because these new names keep coming up after being able to do odd things with Brawlbox. XD

  • Currently working on it. I tried to delete his sword’s model, but somehow deleted his head, too. If you’re making a Headless Horseman, I got you covered.

  • I can’t figure this out. Then again, I’m not amazing with BrawlBox, so it might be possible.

    I might try it later, but until then, I leave it to someone with much more experience than I.

  • Hey BP just ask Razanak7 he knows something about removing Ike’s sword i think.

  • Um, that’s a possibility. Ike’s the only swordsman that I’ve seen in Brawlbox that has a separate model for his sword. Marth, MK, and probably all the other swordsmen don’t have an actual model for the sword, it’s part of their body (I think. I couldn’t find their sword models, so that’s what I’m assuming) There are those model removing events in PSA. Or you could possibly replace Ike’s sword model with something really small or invisible,

  • I have tried to delete every bone seemingly related to his sword, and that actually somehow made it float behind him. It still moved like normal… with its floating-behind-him being the default position, and moving accordingly, you know? And that’s all very nice but it’s not a Psychic Ike I’m trying to make.

    Another time I tried deleting his sword’s model in BrawlBox. He still had it, and the game froze when I tried to use Aether. Maybe the separate model is only there for the times it’s out of his hand?

    One other time, I tried deleting its textures in BrawlBox. That made it take textures from other texture files in him. That would be just perfect if only it would use his cape and I made it transparent (the character I have in mind doesn’t have a cape, after all). but the textures it used were from his clothes instead, and I need those… not that those can be transparent under normal circumstances anyway.

  • Ha ha! I GOT IT!
    Uploading now…

  • www.mediafire.com/?mnztnwi2iyc

    It involved hex editing the vertices of the model to 0, not deleting them.

  • Awesome! I’ll be sure to give you props when I’ve finished and posted the hack I’ve been keeping secret. Thanks a lot.

    It does appear when he uses Aether though. Disappears again as soon as he grabs it.

  • Ohhh, little rough don’t you think?

  • I think I could fix the Aether thing, actually

  • @Joe McLarry and Mario and Sonic Guy

    Yes. Your comments are proof that you don’t visit my blog, because I’ve done it.

    Moosehunter is your man if you need anything like that.

  • www.mediafire.com/?2mgnmwhnnjt

    Okay, fixed Aether. Only problem is, it still has the white effect, so it kinda looks like you threw a sword, but removing it would require editing Ike’s FitMotionEtc pac. If you want, I could do that, but all Ike’s would lose the effect, not just one costume.

  • Thanks! I already know the glow is in the effects, but it’s cool–for what I’m doing, it fits right in, so I’m leaving it alone.

  • probly none of my business but i dont think it works on brawl+… i tryed it but he had his sword.(im not tryn to create something, i was just checkn)

    u did get me intrsested tho so il just stick around

  • @imObvioslycrazy

    It works for me in Brawl+. You sure you’re picking the right costume? Maybe you need a .pac and a .pcs to get it to work…

  • You need the PCS. Generally, it’s the PCS you need, and the PAC is only needed for Bowser, transforming/swapping characters (includes Wario’s Final Smash), and certain parts of Classic Mode.

    That being said, I’m using Brawl+ and the PCS works. Make it with ASH or BrawlBox (Except, for me, BrawlBox v0.58 and 0.59 completely rape Ike’s hair even if I don’t do anything with it, while SmashBox v0.57 doesn’t).

  • While we’re on the topic of removing stuff from swordsman, is there any chance of someone being able to remove Marth’s cape (including the cape around his shoulders), and possibly his sheath??

  • awww, I could have done it πŸ™

  • His entire cape is already removable with plain alpha, but there’s a bit on the back of his neck where there’s a hole in his collar, if I remember correctly.

  • @catgowoof
    I’ll try that, I need to do that for a texture idea I have, too.

  • @ Everyone trying to remove model parts

    Brawl Box is your friend

  • @thanyou

    Yes, it certainly is. BrawlBox is the first Smash Hacking tool I’ve actually been good in. I’m a mediocre texture hacker, I can’t even begin to wrap my head around PSA, but I’m learning the ins and outs of BrawlBox rather quickly.

  • @Digiholic
    Sweet, hopefully it’ll work.

  • www.mediafire.com/?ngetzjzvmy1

    Marth proves, once again, to be an uncooperative bitch. His cape doesn’t completely go away, no matter what I do, and reappears whenever it moves. Uploading anyway if anyone wants to take a crack at it, but it seems like it can’t be done.

    As for his sheath, it’s not removed in this particular pcs, but I have removed it successfully.

  • @digiholic
    Thanks for trying. I’ll see if I can get it to work, but I don’t know much about Brawllbox.

  • 😐
    Wrong area, you don’t make a topic thingy, you request it in the request page, then you as a haxor never look at it.

  • @digiholic

    OOoh it came in a pac so il just change dat

  • …wait wut!

    still no -__- when i changed it it said “may become unusable” then froze ma wii.im guessing u mean i have to use brawlbox because it is the right texture.i did tell u i was just checking, right…im Not making anything and therefore dont no how to use brawlbox.just make sure it works in the end. (for me ok) ?-?

  • @imObvioslycrazy

    It should just work without having to change anything. Just put it on and pick the right costume. Where did you put it and what did you name it?

  • i left it as FitIke00 as it was in the DL and it automaticly renamed FitIke00.pac . but whenever i picked the costume he had the sword…waaaiit, i might have found the problem. im using the Ragna pac, could that be it?

  • ps
    i put it in ikes fighter folder wit da other stuff(im not totally new ;o)

  • Ragna? Not sure what that is…

  • its just a PSA for ike i use >.> dont judge me


  • If anything, that’s it. Try it without the PSA, see how it does.

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