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Ultratech’s latest war machine

One of the main reasons the Killer Instinct tournament exists: Fulgore. The tournament is held to test the prototype’s battle capabilities before it goes into mass production. The prototype eventually has to face an ancient beast from another dimension. Neither versions made it to their final opponents, Eyedol and Gargos. Jago and Orchid managed to destroy prototype 1 and prototype 2 before they were mass produced.

With the flaws analyzed and fixed, Ultratech now introduces a brand new design, a lighter, more agile and way more advanced Fulgore!

Meet Fulgore v3: Pocket Fulgore!

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Probably my favorite stage (not just ‘cus I made it >:c)

Alright, hands up. Who knows what the hell Sonic Robo Blast 2 is? Continue reading ‘Probably my favorite stage (not just ‘cus I made it >:c)’

Drop that zombie beat yo!!!

I’m having writer’s block due to graduation and what-not, so instead of a story, I made a song about my newest zombie. Drop that beat.

He-he-he-here we go!
So they’re finally here, devouring you
If you scared as hell you can run away too.
Put hands together if you scared as crap
As I take you through this Zombie Rap, uh!


He’s the leader of the bunch, we knew him well
Now he’s finally back to raise some hell!
*monkey noises*
His flesh-driven hunger ain’t scary at first
But if he grabs ya, it’s gonna hurt.
He’s hungier, bloodier, and eviler too
He’s the 9th member of the zombie crew, uh!

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The story of the tortoise and the hare

The following story takes place over 3000 years after the event that triggered the war between the shelled reptiles and the furry long-ears.

After a brave rabbit rescued the princess of hares, Eva Earlong, from Devan Shell, the hero took a vacation. He did not enjoy the vacation for long as Devan appeared once again, trying to destroy him with his latest device. The hero took the full blast as the attack was a surprise. Devan fled for he knew the weapon alters the genetic composition so, that the target will expand infinately until he or she explodes. The weapon is but a mere prototype, though, and what happened to the hero, not even Devan Shell expected it. It turned the hero into a completely different specie!

The deformed hero shall now be known as:

Jazz Jackfox!

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TRIPLE UPDATE: The forgotten figurines.

A continuation of S’ Melee series, this features the three Brawl hopefuls Meta-Knight, Dedede, and Wario. You may be thinking that they weren’t in Melee, but you’re wrong, and you need to refresh your memory a little. They were in; as trophies.

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Won-One, Won-Too

If I can just come up with comics that take place in 1-1 and 1-2 and only involve Mario, Ness and Captain Falcon, I’ll never have to draw a comic again!

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New member and that orgasmic TV show.

Bet you weren’t expecting THIS to happen! That’s right, another random guy joins Stack Smash!He is very sarcastic at times so don’t take him seriously (like you don’t take Androu1 seriously). Only do so if he says directly that he’s serious (that or it’s obvious, i.e. helping someone). Kay? kay.

Anyway, did you ever hear about a show called Ed Edd n’ Eddy? If not, then HSX says you have no life. If you do, then get ready to get flashbacks. That’s right, those three goofballs join the smash! Betchya you didn’t see that comming either, huh?

So, Ed got his turtle hat back, Eddy has been imitating Elvis lately, and Double D (or Edd) got his costume set from Halloween together and put together a semi-knight getup (Also because of puberty he doesn’t give a crud about how his hair looks anymore, yes it’s blond. Also, credit for the shield goes to this link.)

Anyway, skip to the jump ‘cus I know you wanna.
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In celebration of Black Mage history month

If there’s one thing we can’t have enough of, it’s Mega Mans. We have Mega Man assist trophies, Mega Man Nesses, and people still ask for Mega Man Samus while we’re busy making Mega Man Ganondorf and Mega Man Yoshi.

If there’s another thing we also can’t have enough of, it’s Black Mages. Put on your blue robe and restore light to an elemental globe, ’cause Black Mage Link is upon us!

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More spin! More spin!

Every playable character franchise in Brawl has a stage. Well….almost every franchise. Y’see…R.O.B. got punked. I guess they decided Hannenbow was more important than a home stage for R.O.B….Poor guy. Well, we decided to fix that. We gave Professor Hector a call and told him how down his creation was. Workin’ through the night, he made this: A recreation of Gyromite! Continue reading ‘More spin! More spin!’

Don’t expect the unexpected

If you are expecting something good, then this really isn’t the place for you. These are the first 2 stages I have made since the Retro 1-1


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