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Drop that zombie beat yo!!!

I’m having writer’s block due to graduation and what-not, so instead of a story, I made a song about my newest zombie. Drop that beat.

He-he-he-here we go!
So they’re finally here, devouring you
If you scared as hell you can run away too.
Put hands together if you scared as crap
As I take you through this Zombie Rap, uh!


He’s the leader of the bunch, we knew him well
Now he’s finally back to raise some hell!
*monkey noises*
His flesh-driven hunger ain’t scary at first
But if he grabs ya, it’s gonna hurt.
He’s hungier, bloodier, and eviler too
He’s the 9th member of the zombie crew, uh!

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What Pokerus really does to Pokemon……Part 2

When we last left Red, he was on a rampage killing many innocent trainers and defeating each and every gym trainer. No-one was safe from the spread of Pokerus. Every Pokemon that wasn’t killed by Red’s Pokemon became infected, and the “crossover” began. And it wasn’t long before Red got stronger Pokemon. Legendaries began to rise up to try to take down Red, but none could defeat him. Not when he obtained a Pokemon that had the power of Pokerus and aura….

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Spite from a younger sibling…

The second hand. The straggler. The lower class. The forgotten. That is the life of Luigi, or was the life of Luigi. Always in the shadow of his older brother, Mario. And he hated it. Though you couldn’t tell through their adventures, Luigi had grown a deep dark seed of hatred towards Mario. One that would lead him to do something unthinkable…something that would kill Mario…and himself… Continue reading ‘Spite from a younger sibling…’

New Stories: Zombie R.O.B. and Zombie Ganondorf

I’m making this post not only because I have made stories for two previous updates that didnt have stories, but to say that I graduate on May 16th. Why is this important? Because I have done all of my textures at school, on the school computers. Once I graduate, I won’t have access to a computer for an indefinate amount of time. So come summer, you probably won’t see much of me or my textures. But don’t worry, I’ve got a fun zombie suprise in store in place of my absense. So look forward to it.

Now for the new stories!!!
Zombie R.O.B. –
Zombie Ganondorf –

New Story: Zombie Sonic

I finally got around to making the story for Zombie Sonic. Go to the post to read it. You can comment on it there or in this post. LONG LIVE TEH ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Pokerus really does to Pokemon……

Red was off doing his daily level grinding with Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard. Suddenly, he ran into a sickly group of Ratatta. Being the compassionate trainer that he is, he opted to try and aid the Pokemon. He ordered his Pokemon to not attack, and they all crept close to the group. Suddenly, the Ratatta’s eyes began to glow red, and they attacked Red, Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard, biting each of them and running off into the forest. The bite marks left a trail of strange green ooze.

Red rushed to the nearest PokeCenter and had his Pokemon checked out. “Your Pokemon are all healed up,” replied Nurse Joy. “However, your Pokemon have been infected with a strange virus. I would recommend that you keep an eye on them.” Red nodded and took his Pokemon. Over the next couple of days, Red’s Pokemon began to act strange. He noticed that they were stronger, and leveled up much faster than usual. But after that, they began to disobey his orders. Red also began to feel strange, running a fever. His skin grew a pale-ish purple, and his eyes grew dark red, as did his Pokemon.

While walking through Viridian Forest, a bug catcher popped out of nowhere. “HA!!! I’ll defeat you with my masterful bug team!!!” cried the bug catcher. He tossed out a Caterpie and a Metapod. Red, slumped over, threw out all three of his Pokemon. Red got an evil grin on his face and pointed at the bug catcher. Immediatly, Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard rushed into the bug catcher and his Pokemon and maimed and killed them. When the battle was over, both Red and his Pokemon were covered in blood. Red collected his money, and walked out of Viridian Forest and into Pewter City, where only the worst would begin.

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In the distance future, the world was introduced to a new machine, a machine that was to benefit and help all:R.O.B.-Robotic Operating Buddy. With the new technology, life would be easy living, care-free, with all the work done by the R.O.B.s. That is…until the virus came. Noone is sure where it came from, or why it was made, other than to destroy man-kind. Some saw it as a pratical joke gone bad, others saw it as a evil plot made by an egotistical dictator in an attempt to overthrow a country. You knew when it was coming. Your R.O.B. would commence rummaging through garbage, finding loose articles of broken-down electronics. It would hoard them. Then your R.O.B. would power off, for what would seem like weeks. then, all of the sudden, your R.O.B. would be gone, all the rubbage gone. And before you knew it, you’d here this phrase: ERROR ERROR DATABASE CORRUPT!!!! After that…..well you dont remember anything else….because you’re dead….with your blood covering a rusted mangled R.O.B……..a killing machine….

It started as another normal adventure…

Mario was once again on a quest to save Princess Peach. It seemed like any ordinary day, with the same World 1-1 path…..or at least that’s what Mario thought. He ran his usual pattern of jumps and fireballs, and as he was jumping over a gap, he unexpectedly hit by a invisible coin box, knocking him into a deep pit, where he landed….HARD. Days went by and no rescue, Mario became weak and died.

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The Triforce of Fear

Riding in the night on his dark stallion, the King of Darkness rode towards Hyrule, initiating his new plan to take over as King of Hyrule. Just as he was making his way over the final hill towards Hyrule, he was confronted by a green-clad hero on a red-brown horse with a mighty blade of light and justice. The King just stared and snickered. He gradually got off of his steed, and began to walk towards the boy. The boy got off his steed and stood in a defensive position , waiting. The King began chuckling to himself, then laughing maniacally, and the young hero didn’t know why. Soon the King was standing right in front of the boy, towering over him. He glanced down and ,with a quickness, grabbed his throat. Holding the hero in a death choke, the King began laughing again. Then he pulled out his blade and pointed it at the hero and whispered to him, “Now we’ll both be the bad guy…”. suddenly, they both became enshrouded with dark purple clouds, no doubt the work of sorcery, The King cackled maniacally again, and crushed the green-clad hero’s throat. As blood splattered onto his face, dripping from his hands, and the dark aura surrounding both of them, the King impaled himself in the abdomen, dying himself. Soon after, the evil smoke entered both their bodies, and ran through their blood. Their eyes became blood-red, their skin pale; soon after they stood up. Being just a few minutes away from the main city of Hyrule, they both climbed upon their horses, riding into the vermillion sunset, towards Hyrule to bring about its demise, with a new leader in mind…

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