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Probably my favorite stage (not just ‘cus I made it >:c)

Alright, hands up. Who knows what the hell Sonic Robo Blast 2 is? Continue reading ‘Probably my favorite stage (not just ‘cus I made it >:c)’

New member and that orgasmic TV show.

Bet you weren’t expecting THIS to happen! That’s right, another random guy joins Stack Smash!He is very sarcastic at times so don’t take him seriously (like you don’t take Androu1 seriously). Only do so if he says directly that he’s serious (that or it’s obvious, i.e. helping someone). Kay? kay.

Anyway, did you ever hear about a show called Ed Edd n’ Eddy? If not, then HSX says you have no life. If you do, then get ready to get flashbacks. That’s right, those three goofballs join the smash! Betchya you didn’t see that comming either, huh?

So, Ed got his turtle hat back, Eddy has been imitating Elvis lately, and Double D (or Edd) got his costume set from Halloween together and put together a semi-knight getup (Also because of puberty he doesn’t give a crud about how his hair looks anymore, yes it’s blond. Also, credit for the shield goes to this link.)

Anyway, skip to the jump ‘cus I know you wanna.
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