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Wakka Wakka Motherfucker!

This is an update to one of Stack Smash’s oldest hacks.

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Back In Ordon…

Back at the Ordon ranch we heard big cattle things that have a fuck’d up names that no one remembers, I am constantly surrounded by the most anoying, undeterminable gender kids, there’s a big o’l fat bitch that sold me some shit that I never needed, I am expexted to save everybody’s kids if they let somthing happen to them, and no body likes dogs… nobody,  and most of all….


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If I weren’t insane, I couldn’t be so brilliant!

All it took was one bad day…

One bad day to drive him over the edge…

And he realized the truth of the world.

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Special Update : PED Zero Suit & Justin Bailey!

I don’t got much to say but, this is the ZSS Version of PED Samus and Retro-Samus(Cel-Shaded).

PED ZSS has only 1 modification (and i don’t like that >:U), the back, breast and hand sign is blue.

But for Retro-Samus, i made Justin Bailey. If you guys don’t know her, just google. I talked too much. Let’s see the pics :3

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Another special update, dawgs! This time, the special update is 2 Samus textures.

First comes an epic texture by eggboy, i think it’s his best texture, PED Suit Samus.

Second comes another texture by me, Retro-Samus(Or Cel-Shaded), who’s the second of my series of Cel-Shaded characters. Hope you all like it :3.

Now bois, enjoy the pics!

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Master Luke, please! Be reasonable!

This ‘bot has made skillz in interpreting, and his numbah one homie speaks in beeps and boops. His mastah is the son of da man who made him! Worshiped by Ewoks, ignored by his homies, it’s the gold-covahed ‘bot…


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This update has Pics, Arrr! (Pixar if you didn’t get it. >:c )

For 700 years…this little guy did what he was made for. He crushed the piles of garbage on the humanless Earth, with only collecting random tidbits and watching “Hello, Dolly!” to entertain him. Little did we know that the fate of man-kind would rest in the rusty hands of…


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There were plans.

There was also a fatso evil mind. And there was a fatso evil mind making a evil plan. Too bad this fatso’s plans always get pwn3d by a certain blue blur.

Geee, I sure wonder who this fatso is.

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Edit: Update tonight. Now with more vendetta.

Blame Warchamp for leaking our entire backlog of EE cameo textures, then leaving me high and dry with no pictures and skipping out 3 hours before I had to update.


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It’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown.

*dances for no apparent reason*

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