Seriously, guys, just give it up. We gave you a reason multiple times why EE’s patch won’t get to the public, but you still keep beating this dead horse with a whip and a sledge. Let me guess what you think, cynical EE horse beater, Elvis is still alive? 9/11 was a conspiracy? Teady, for keeping this bull alive long, I salute you. You know absolutely jack when it came to the project, I don’t see you helping the team through the final stretches, having the patch, being close friends with all of the team members. You didn’t do any of those things, yet you’re still using your name recognition to push lies on people who don’t know any better. That’s kind of sad. To everyone, Teady knows absolutely nothing about what happened, she is DEFINITELY not a credible source. Also, there’s paying tribute to the team, that’s one thing, but when people come here and whine and moan about how we suck, EE’s the greatest, we’ll never live up to them, etc etc etc, it gets a bit grating on the nerves. Thank you, and goodnight.

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  • @ToastyBob: Agreed. His World Instrumental is 10x better than the regular one. Sakurai actually made a good decision choosing that for Brawl. I heard the Live and Learn Instrumental one time on youtube, but it still had some lyrics in it. Kinda strange.

  • @Knux: Ah, thanks for clarifying. I misunderstood your post, apparently.

    @Both of you: Yeah. Actually, I didn’t like the brawl version of his world. I’m more of a solaris phase two fan. Never heard a delyriced version of L&L before, though. XD. This is quickly changing from a mini flame war to a… discussion of sonic songs, of all things. Also, is delyriched even a word?

  • Delyriched isn’t a word. Instrumental would be the right term.

    But I like where this is going to. My fav Sonic OST are Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure.

  • “I still don’t see why you obsess over the past.
    It’s all pointless.
    Instead of whining why don’t you try and do something.
    Nothing will get done if people don’t take action.”

    If it’s all so pointless (whatever it is) why bother trying to do something?(Whatever something is) Plus PZT was angry (I think) because Teady was “keeping this bull alive” meaning she was the one obsessing over the past. And btw, I don’t think it’s our place to be arguing about this anyway. EE hyped up their hack alot which was one of the reasons people were so dissapointed. Live with it. Whatever happened to EE is in the past, and a mystery, so let’s keep it at that.



  • @DarkFalcon
    Would you at least try to be informed when you write a post? ty.

    Btw, sonic songs are pretty good (especially Live & Learn)

  • @Marcov: Pretty sure I’m informed bro. I’ve been checking out }EE[ and StackSmash for a while now, and I’ve seen all the comments related to ]EE[‘s downfall, so yeah, pretty sure I know what I’m saying.

    @Toasty: Never finished Sonic the Hedgehog for 360 (I don’t think I’m alone there), so I never heard Solaris Phase 2.

    My favorite Sonic song is probably Endless Possibility, from Unleashed; I really hope they have that in SSB4. Live and Learn and Sonic Heroes are really good too.

  • @DarkFalcon: I had Sonic the Hedgehog for the PS3. The loading screens were so long I couldn’t stand to beat the game. So yeah, you’re not alone. But I haven’t got to play Unleashed, so I never heard Endless Possibility.

  • @DarkFalcon: I don’t even have an Xbox. I just randomly ran into it on youtube.

  • Th3 Master Composer

    City Escape is the best Sonic song… with lyrics.

    Casino Night Zone 4tw.

  • @DarkFalcon:
    I wasn’t talking about being informed about that… well, doesn’t matter.

    @Th3 Master Composer:
    Yep, City Escape is a pretty good one. The only Sonic songs I don’t really like are the ones from the secret rings (not all, but most of them).

  • From Sonic & The Secret Rings, I like the one about rocking the castle or something like that…LOLOLOLOL

  • Would I be the only one ROLFMAOing if they didn’t realese it cuz there comp broke and there just waiting ti’ll getting a new one? xD

  • Favorite Sonic songs:
    1.His World (Instrumental, lyrics ruin it)
    2.Endless Possibilities and Live and Learn tie for second
    3.All Hail Shadow
    4.I am All of Me
    5.I Could Go Supersonic

    Long Live Crush 40!

  • @Sora: nope, I would do the same.

    I have a couple of things to say:
    -Whoever says Teady’s work is bad doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
    -Teady is a credible source to me, after any ]EE[ member, of course.
    -This whole thing will be unofficial to me until ]EE[ talk by themselves.

  • Since some people re talking about fave Sonic Songs, I’ll chip in.

    Live and Learn, His World, and Endless Possibility are my top 3. :3

    My favorite stage music is Perfect Dark Gaia, Solaris Phase 2, Rooftop Run, and Eggmanland (in order). :3

  • Just curious and i forget if u said this, but do u take requests? sorry for asking it.

  • Geez the whole ]EE[ thing was last year, let it go.

  • @Segab:
    I have a couple things to say:
    -Whoever says Teady’s work is good doesn’t know what he’s talking about
    -Teady had nothing to do with EE, ever, and has a sense of self-importance just because she stuck a few characters on Ness’ shirt
    -This is official whether you like it or not, EE will never resurface, this is as most of the real story as you’ll ever get, because Rag confirmed it to us himself

  • Teady is a she. lulz

    I don’t like her Ness and Lucas textures, but hey, look at her Peach and Samus textures!

  • I hope people realize that the texture hacks won’t really be as noticeable while playing the actual game unless you keep on pausing.

  • I’m amused of how many people say “OH MAN SS SUCKS ]EE[ WAS MUCH BETTER R.I.P”, “FUCK ON]EE[ THEY SUCKED ANYWAY SS IS TEH NEW ]EE[!!!” or “OH MY THEY’RE JUST THE SAME GOOD, STOP ARGUING.” While I sympathize with the last statement, you people should all realize: YOU ARE COMPARING ARTISTS. You should and may NEVER compare ARTISTS because every artist has his own fantasy, his own dreams and his own ways to put what he is thinks and what he likes. Every artist is an individual and you people should respect that. Even if they work in the same genre, such as texture hacking. You may say who you like more, but seriously, stop comparing.

  • *what he thinks and what he likes.

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