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Visit the StackSmash Youtube

In case you haven’t heard, Stack Smash has gotten a youtube channel, which will feature texture timelapses and footage of our textures. Many members of the team have capture cards, so there’ll be stuff posted there often.

Also someone else should update tonight with a texture tonight, I’m just posting this because someone needed to do it.

Subscribe or Pinkandorf will drag your soul down to the pits of hell.

P.S. I’ll resume uploading texture videos soon. I got a new capture card recently, so i wanna make sure that when it records it doesn’t screw the color up. If you wanna help out tell me if the color is correct in this corona mountain video thing:


Today is Stack Smash’s Birthday. It is one-year-old! A toddler! It is time for its first party!

For the party, we invited some guests that return to the sites roots: Recolors…and beards.

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Visit Da Palace >>> AND OTHER STUFF

Leon’s Palace will have shit I don’t put on SS, and maybe some other stuff ….

I would also like to tell you guys to visit:

BTW, about my SS stuff …. I finally found most of it (I think) and well yeah … I just gotta upload it, which I’ll do tomorrow … or sometime … or maybe never …. depends on if I’m in a good mood or not 😛


You read it. Hopefully we can get some new talent here that the MMKC conglomerate and ESH haven’t eaten already. Sign up.
Also, if you forget about Phreeq’s update posted earlier, I’ll kill you:

Serious poll is serious!

I’ll try to make this as quick and painless as possible.

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BREAKING NEWS! Phantom Wings invents true custom movesets.

Even though Phoenix Mario is broken, it’s still pretty amazing. I give it 2 days after the program comes out for someone to release a completely accurate Mewtwo moveset. Count on it. Or at least a bad one.
Also, VISIT THE IRC CHAT. You can make discussion about texture hacking and stuff. It’s great! All your favorite SS team members are there. Talk with Androu and BP, and get in an internet war with BigSharkZ! Ask us questions and stuff. SO GO TO THE IRC CHAT. JESUS.
And go to the SCHC too.
And don’t be a school, stay in fool! I think that’s right…

Further progression with Melee hacking~

Progress to be noted.

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Androu1 BRSTM Making Tool + BRSTM2SD New Version!

The new version is dubbed “FATE-FINAL”, coming from “Fateful Revision of the Final version D:”. It’s not like I really have much belief on fate and shit but whatever, it’s just a cool name.
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Androu1 releases new BRSTM making tool for Brawl! Now with more features than EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!! (not included: colors)

Yup yup yup yup.
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So not to leave empty-handed…

Quick advertising!

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