Androu1 releases new BRSTM making tool for Brawl! Now with more features than EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!! (not included: colors)

Yup yup yup yup.

New version for my BRSTM making tool.

The only difference to the BRSTM making tool itself is the automatic length detection (thanks to Bionic Sonic).

The big new thing is the “add-on” tool, “BRSTM 2 SD” which makes the process of adding BRSTMs to the SD card much faster and easier. All you have to do is choose a stage, then a song of the stage, then the custom BRSTM (must be in the EditedSongs folder, BTW) you wanna use and then just type the drive letter for your SD card.

Reading all that took more time than putting like 5 songs into Brawl will when you use this new tool!!!!!!

Anyway, you can download the tool right HERE

This is hopefully the last time I have to edit the tool, but whatever. Enjoy it!

(Read the README or I will see to it that you don’t live enough to “enjoy it”)

Oh, and report ANY AND ALL problems you have with the tool (specially BRSTM 2 SD, since it’s still a baby)

Also, you can find BRSTMs for download at the SCHC’s custom music section!

7 Responses to “Androu1 releases new BRSTM making tool for Brawl! Now with more features than EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!! (not included: colors)”

  • Tyeforce: Exactly. But, that’s just the way it is. Windows can do more because of the users’ doing the work. Years of development will probably see Macs through in the end.

    No excuse for the nightmare that is iTunes, though. Winamp forever.

  • The recent comments is motherfreakin’ HUGE.

    And loading songs into the SD card is epic win. Now I can check if my songs are good, ask for premission from the creators if I can release the BRSTMs, and then have epic freakin’ win in my game YET AGAIN.

    ANd don’t worry Tyeforce. I has a Mac Also. That’s why I use Parallels (I actually recrommend Crossover, but I already paid for Parallels so >_>)

  • Someone should make a list of all songs, like Meowmix’s texture wiki.

  • Hey, guys. I helped my friends get the textures you guys have. He has a PC. When I do the same thing on my Mac, I can’t do it. Does downloading character texture hacks not work on Macs?

  • HSX: Yeah, I need to get CrossOver… But I can’t spend any money right now. I need to save my money to pay for my flight to AZ and apartment rent to live with my boyfriend. (Oh yeah, I’m bi. lol)

    zombie dude: You should be able to download any textures (.pcs and .pac) files on your Mac with no problem. Unless they’re .rar files, in which case you’ll need to download a RAR decompressing program. I recommend The Unarchiver or UnRarX. (They’re free, just Google it.)

  • @Blaze: Pretty sure that error means your channels are different lengths, if you’re doing stereo. Not sure. I encountered it once, the very first time I did a stereo song. Fixed my lengths and it went away.

  • I know that this doesn’t really have to do with this but okay I need help.

    In My Music the song Snowman replaced Humeresque of a little dog so now I have 2. I had a similar problem with Menu 1 song being replaced with the main theme but I used the music modifier to solve the problem. I tried the same for this but it won’t work! Not even my music reset. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    I used these values for the music mod.

    Music Modifier [Phantom Wings]
    4A000000 9017EBCC
    14000572 0000YYYY
    E0000000 80008000

    I forgot the values for the other song.

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