Further progression with Melee hacking~

Progress to be noted.

Characters left to fully hack: Captain Falcon; Ice Climbers; Sheik; Samus; Mr. Game & Watch(?)
Working on: CSP replacements; Stock replacements; item/Pokemon editing; stage/character icon replacements; stage editing


And don’t forget! Check out my YouTube page every now and again for video uploads of some of this stuff in action!

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  • For those actually playing around with this stuff, I’ll have some uploads up later.~

  • That Master Hand looks really nice!

  • Very Nice! I approve very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Da-yaum, more Melee.

    I’m liking the Wireframes best ATM. πŸ™‚

  • You should put the Brawl textures onto the Melee characters, like the Melee series in reverse.

  • Mario & Sonic Guy

    @ Chicken Chaser

    That would be hard to pull off, since the Melee texture parts are much smaller than the Brawl texture parts. Additionally, the textures may not turn out so great because of that situation.

  • What’s with the Master Hand? Is it impersonating The Thing or the Classic Master/Crazy Hand? (From Kirby Super Star).

  • @Werewolf
    Don’t forget Eyerock from Super Mario 64!

  • @Werewolf: Man, I was just going to say that. XD

  • Eyerock was fun to beat up :3

  • this is awsome and all, but playing brawl has ruined my melee game, my brothers used to beat me all the time in melee but once i picked up falco and mastered seting up the yoyo glitch with ness, they could never touch me, then brawl came out and trying to play melee again, its so hard.

  • @gehaga: Finding the balance is hard, so I can understand that. I know when I re-picked up Melee again after playing Brawl for nearly a year, I had a lot of trouble getting back into it… but, within a week, I got my Melee legs back.
    Just takes a little getting used to. πŸ˜›

  • You should turn the master or crazy hand into Glover. I hope there are a decent amount of people who remember Glover.

  • Awesome textures by the way.

  • Glover was horrible!

  • @S
    i’m trying but falco is completely different.

  • I love the Wham bams, too bad you can’t make them in brawl because of +0’s!!!

  • Meh. I dont have any dvds so this doesnt really do anything for me.

  • ^ If you can run Dolphin effectively, that’s also an alternate route to take.


  • @Bonzai
    You can edit +0’s…

  • Sooo…. when do we get the guide? lol, Eye rock.

  • Can you do stage hacks in melee? If so, you could completely recreate the Wham Bam Rock battle! Both hands could have a rock texture, and Final Destination could have the face on it!

  • Wait…is that crazy hand that boss from Kirby Super Star Ultra? That’s awesome!

  • Can you tell me how to extract the textures using Hex Workshop?
    I know they’re located somewhere in the Pl files.

  • ^ Yessuh, located in the Pl files.
    …However, you’ll need Dolphin to actually rip the textures, and then use various programs to get them back in. It’s actually very easy if you’ve ever manually hacked Brawl.

  • Who else can see the Fire Mario now that S has mentioned that it got into this one?

  • wait, wait.. S.,
    From the Pl**.dat files, how would you get the info for the .tpl textures? You mention ripping using Dolphin, and how would that work?

    I found some old emutalk.net thread about this, where a guy mentioned he
    “pulled this texture out from the PlFxGr.dat file at offset “0x00047440″ and replaced it”
    How did he do that? I’ve been checking the .dat files, and thinking about somehow removing individual textures, but I can’t figure anything, really…
    Want to share your secrets? πŸ˜›

  • ^ Sure thing, Fredr.
    I was hoping to have some kind of guide out by now, but I’ve been pretty much booked…

    What I can say with certainty is, I used the Dolphin-emulator to rip the actual textures; I didn’t rip them Brawl-style with SSBExtract or anything like that (I have no idea if there ARE any programs that can do that). ~There’s a checkmark box you check off if you want to get the textures; it’s located somewhere in the GFX option, I believe. Under a 2nd tab, “Dump textures” somewhere. You’ll get the TGA files that way.

    After I got the textures ripped, I put them into a folder, then separated each file into its own folder, hexed it manually Brawl-style with TexConv and everything… then found where each texture is placed by searching for matching numbers in the TPL data to the data in the .DAT file.

    After I write down where each separate file goes, I save a copy via RAR file, then get to editing and place them accordingly. Stick ’em back into Melee, burn, play, good to go.

    Ifever you’ve manually hexed Brawl (like I had to before the creation of ASH), this should be child’s play. πŸ™‚

  • oh, wow, thanks for the prompt response.

    I didn’t realize there was such an option in Dolphin, I’ll have to check that out (heh, if I can get my emu to work)
    This makes more sense than trying to pore through the hex data, I’m very impressed right now.

    Thanks a lot!

  • ^ ‘ey, no problem.
    If that doesn’t work out, I plan on releasing packages of Melee’s texture stuff anyway (similarly to how people’ve been sharing Brawl’s fighter’s textures in packages).

  • Alrighty, I did some research, S,
    do you mean to say that you make a .tcs for each .tga, and TexConv them to .tpl? That’s kind of what I gathered from the internatz for Brawl textures. If this is the case, do +1 and +2 matter? (hehe, I’m not a brawl texture modder)or is it just rgb565?

    Anyway…a lot of questions, hope you can answer them, or post a “guide”. I’m quite amazed at what you’ve done. Keep it up!

  • ^ Ah yes, that is correct.
    The files are in .TGA format… You make .TCS files for them, and then have them converted to .TPL format via TexConv.
    Depending on what the last numbers of the TGA files are (take for example, “14”), that would be the equivalent of Brawl’s “tex#00_14”, making it a CMPR file.
    And, unfortunately, files that end with “8” and “9” are + files. Depending on whether the file has transparency or not determines whether it is a +1 or a +2. (+1 without transparency, +2 with transparency.)
    Thankfully, I haven’t seen a single mipmapped file yet… so I don’t think they exist. I could be wrong; I haven’t seen them on any fighters, but they MIGHT exist on stages.

  • Well, I worked myself a .tpl for mario’s hat…but I’m none too sure about finding it in the corresponding .dat file, since I realized that the individual bytes don’t match in terms of hex notation.
    I take it that you used the length of the texture data to figure out where it is? Becasue I know the header for each .tpl wouldn’t be in the .dat to signal its location. …”matching numbers”…hmm
    So I guess the question is, how do you know where each .tpl ges in the .dat file?

  • nvm, thanks though.
    Just got it to work, I replaced the area around mario’s hat with white, so there’s a whitish box over his cap.
    I’ll play around with other textures tomorrow, now that it’s possible

  • Now Texture Hack Roy Into Ike.

  • Is the Master Hand one Andross?

  • Really now, Spore Boy.


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