Androu1 BRSTM Making Tool + BRSTM2SD New Version!

The new version is dubbed “FATE-FINAL”, coming from “Fateful Revision of the Final version D:”. It’s not like I really have much belief on fate and shit but whatever, it’s just a cool name.
The changelog can be found in Info\CURRENT VERSION – FATE-FINAL.txt


This version should be the safest version of the tool yet. Older versions just made it to easy to just do something dumb to completely bork a BRSTM and stuff like that.

Extra: BRSTM Start Point Multiple Calculator Thingamajib Stand-Alone

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  • Fate-Final is a pretty epic name.

  • 2nd lolz

  • replace the *dances* post with epic music for this release!

  • But it ALREADY is epic music, Neon :UI

  • Someone post the changelog here.

  • Copy-pasta of the whole .TXT file:

    Previous version: HOPE-FINAL/Hopefully Final Version
    Current Version: FATE-FINAL/Fateful Revision of the Final Version D:


    *Made Info.txt seem a little bit less OUTDATED

    *Added a link to Vyse’s guide

    -BRSTM Maker (Start.bat):
    *Now allows the use of SPACES in filenames

    *Added warning about loops which start point isn’t a multiple of 14336

    *Added “Start Point Multiple Calculator” to calculate the nearest lowest and highest values that ARE multiples of 14336. If the start point given by the user IS a multiple of 14336 the tool will just say that it’s a multiple and will give you props for a well done job. The calculation process SHOULD be very fast

    *Made it so the tool doesn’t continue if the filename you input for the original song is incorrect (as in, the file doesn’t exist)

    *Made the tool check if you are gonna replace a file that already exists when you input the name for the final BRSTM. If the tool finds a BRSTM in EditedSongs with the same filename it will tell the user and allow him to give another name to the file that is being made or replace the old file. If no file with the same filename is detected, it will just do it’s shit like it should.

    -BRSMT2SD (Start BRSTM2SD.bat):

    *Minor fix in the Others section.

    *Added “Electroplankton” to Others section.

    *Changed the “Input the letter of the drive” part to the very start, so you don’t have to type the letter of the drive until you close and restart the tool

    *Made it so the tool doesn’t continue if the an invalid option is input (a number that is not on the list of options or leaving the input blank)

    *The tool now checks if the file you are trying to replace already exists and asks the user what to do.


    Thanks to Vyse for testing the “beta” versions of these revisions.


    All dis shiznit was made by Androu1.

  • Well, even with Vyse’s guide, I STILL don’t get it :'( Music-Making just doesn’t look all that easy to me.

  • Sorry for double post, but It’s looping and everything after that point in which I get this face: 0.o’

  • its no PLANZERO

  • Still no colors 🙁

  • Check the update again, added an extra.

    Uploading the tool again. Deleted due to a minor bug that I found a tad too late.

  • So, by starting point, is that the point, where the everything behind it is only heard once and everything in front of it is looped? As in, intro to song, then starting point, then loopable portion? I hope it is!

  • Hey androu, this version isn’t working for me and for other guy on the forums, however the past version works for me

  • Two things.
    One, are you guys going to texture hack stage editor parts?
    Also, what about model hacks? We really need some of those on Stack Smash.

  • Yes, Stuff2o, that’s exactly how it works. Anything before your starting loop point will be heard only once.

  • Another complaint from me, and this time it’s real. It won’t make the files anymore. I do all the stuff it says word-for-word, and it even says it made it, but it doesn’t.

  • @zombie dude

    Many people have made custom stage parts and model hacking isn’t implemented yet. Besides, we’re the team for stages, XD.

  • Since when did BigsharkZ answer questions I asked SS?

  • @zombie dude

    Uhh, I always help people. If you didn’t need my help then I’m fine with it.

  • Also, wow, three days without this blog updating? Is it chaos? Is it..the end of the world? I thought Stack Smash had this policy of updating ONCE and EVERY SINGLE DAY? This is some pretty huge hoax. D=

  • BP and I were on vacations. I guess the other guys didn’t have anything planned. Don’t worry, update is coming.

  • I always have junk ready but nobody bothers to post it.

  • What the hell, no matter how many times I try, each time I make a song in this version, no brstm is created >_>

  • Same problem as Blaze Dragon. In the end theres no song in edited songs <__< pls help ! xD

  • I told you Androu, this thing doesn’t work

  • link’s broken, regardless of whether the program works or not

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