I am matter… I am antimatter…

I can see your past… I can see your future…

I consume time… And I will consume you!

This is Culex, the bonus boss from Super Mario RPG. S made this for Melee over Mewtwo, and I liked It so much that I asked him for the textures he used to make It so I could make It in Brawl. Unfortunately, the texture mapping of the Mewtwo model over Lucario is so vastly different from the Melee Mewtwo model, that I cannot make this look exactly like, or as good as, the original hack. I did the best I could anyway. I had to release this before I finished It so I could participate in a Mario characters hacking tournament. I’ll complete this hack sometime in the near future.

Click here to see the original hack (what this is supposed to look like).



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