Yaaaahoo! Here we go!

It’s TOAD. Oh man.

Those are MY shades

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  • Okay, I must admit, this is extremely funny. XD

    Somehow, I think if Toad was like that? Peach wouldn’t need to be saved near as often.

    (On a random note, how come you don’t use BV? I’m just asking, since this would get more downloads that way I believe… Although, I do admit, it’s kinda nice to see stuff in here only… A bit like the old days. :P)

  • Trivia: I don’t have a DeviantART account either (SMAAAASH!! updates Fridays!).

    I guess it’s the subtle difference between “I got this texture from StackSmash” and “I got this texture from BrawlVault” that makes it. The former is just a little tiny pinch closer to “I have any idea of who made this at all.”

  • …LAWL!

    I gotta admit, I don’t know what I was expecting, but It certainly wasn’t this. Nicely done BP!

  • Needs moar eyes.

    But THAT is a Toad man.

  • But Toads aren’t manly. This must be a spy.

  • When I was a kid I thought, for some reason, Toad was wearing shades in his racer icon in Mario Kart 64. The little ones that go in a square along the edges of the screen for the laps when you push, like, C-Right twice? That one.

    I don’t know man! But shades are cool, yeah?

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