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SMS Patch Preview #2-Bowser!

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I herd you liek mudkipz?

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The Super Mario Sunshine Patch!

But wait, there already was one GCN update today!

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An island in the sky? (GCN)

What would be the definition of that?

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Falco Lombardi is a loose cannon cop who doesn’t play by the rules

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Mario? A plumber? My ass

He looks like a french fashion designer or some shit. THIS is a plumber!

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A mysterious young woman, controlled by the Empire, and born with the gift of magic…

K, the following are SPOILERS, so remmember, you are all advised, SO NO COMPLAIN!!! i just want to write shit, O_ó

“All started in the Land of Espers years ago, when a woman with the name of Madeline arrived to that place by unknown reasons with several injuries on her body, but hopeful one of the Espers, Maduin, took care and healed her.”

“The other Espers started to act like racist with Madeline and they dissaprove about her, and she after hearing that, decided to go away by her own, but Maduin changed her mind and both falled in love between themselves, created a weird way of sex involving retarded spins, and from that love they got together a baby, an hybrid half-human, half-esper, and they named her Terra….”

“but after two years of exciting happiness and spin sex, Gestahl and his minions seized the Land of Koridai the Espers, capturing too many Espers with his Pokémons Soldiers, and he ends raizing Terra like a weapon machine, taking advantage of her abilities to raise even more his Empire. ”

“Oh And with the espers Gestahl created Metal Gears, end of story….”


And now Terra Branford, the fated hybrid, old but hot, ends making it in Brawl just like kefka to kick his butt, and just like in Final Fantasy VI/Dissidia, she can use his powerful and useful magic, and she even turn into her mighty Esper form!!!!………well, with less hair, but who cares??? 😛

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Random Person Joins StackSmash

You got it. Another Member is here to screw around with you. I texture hack menus, stages, and effects. You might recognized me from Elite Smash Hackers as a quiet member and The KittyCorp:MeowMix Merge as the member that fucked up the site. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy my presence here at SS.

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??? wants to battle! (GCN)


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