The Super Mario Sunshine Patch!

But wait, there already was one GCN update today!

As many of you know, I haven’t been posting updates on Stack Smash recently. Well, I have been focussing more on machinima work recently. Originally I was going to just post one more texture and call it quits, but than I decided to see what I can do with this.

The Super Mario Sunshine Patch will be a patch that will include many, many SSBB textures based off Super Mario Sunshine, my personal favorite 3d Mario game. However, until I release it, you will simply get previews.

So, when will I release it? Well, that depends.

If I get 400, yes, 400 youtube subscribers by…let’s see…..November 1st, I will release the entire patch on Thanksgiving. I know this seems unfair, but why should I do something I was considering ending if it won’t help me out?

Planned textures in the package:

1-2 Mario Costumes

1-2 Peach Costumes

1-2 Bowser Costumes

1-2 Yoshi Costumes

(for those who saw these when they said 2, i had forgot to check my list of planned textures before posting. sowwy.)

At least 10 stage textures.

That’s 18 magnificient textures! Not that Shadow Mario will not be included, as Pako’s is the current most perfect version that can be done at the moment (and it can only be slightly improved with model hacks).

So, if you want the patch to be released sooner, subscribe to

And if I don’t get those 400 subscribers? Well, I’ll release it on the year anniversery of the syntax error’s ending (December 24th, I believe).¬† That’s about a month later.

Anyways, here’s the first texture of the batch. He isn’t quiet done yet (looks at how he’s wearing a turtleneck), but he’s almost there.

It’s the hero…..Mario!

He may not seem too detailed, but believe me, he is much more sunshine like. And yes, this is V2 of a texture i did at ESH.

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  • But Neon…

    …Super Mario Sunshine is terrible

    Oh and you captioned your screenshots wrong. :\

  • Meh, I’ll wait to see the other textures, then I’ll CONSIDER subscribing.

  • “remember me?”

  • Not worth the subscription. What did you even change, anyways?

  • I’ve got Mario’s Sunshine textures, and these look pretty close. O:

  • nice texture
    and btw what is up with that douche spamming ur channel?

  • I don’t subscribe if I don’t see something I like.

    I don’t see something I like.


  • i want to see moar sunshine textures

  • lmao “not worth a subscription” lmfao..

  • To those saying this one isn’t worth the subscription, wait till the next one is shown, it will be something I’m much better at-a stage.

  • ya.. umm… neon.. i know your jealous that i got 300 subs and you think you deserve more. WRONG. even more wrong of you, your using stack smash to advertise your channel. seriously, i wouldnt mess with your chances being on a good team again. just my suggestion though

  • @xithma

    That wasnt necessary…

  • how wasnt that necessary i stated at the end “it’s just my suggestion” and neon and i are friends but i guess i wasnt treating him like one here lol. sorry if i offended you neon

  • You spoke your mind xithma. Do not apologize if people can’t handle the way you feel.

    He has no business advertising his Youtube channel on here. IRL nobody gives a fat fuck how many Youtube subscribers you have, just like it doesn’t matter how many friends you have on Myspace, how much gold you have in X game or how many people you beat at Pokemon.

    These things are intangible and for all intents and purposes, totally worthless.

  • They help when trying to get a machinima contract, however. I can advertise my channel here if I wish. And xithma, bragging that you have 300 subs is advertising your channel, you know.

  • But in all fairness Neon he isn’t posting a link to his youtube channel telling other people to subscribe to it.

  • Saying how many subs you have doesn’t mean your advertising. And if Neon wants to advertise, let him. It’s not like he’s gonna get many subs anyway. Sorry, but this is a bad idea for a patch. SMS? That’s like taking a crap in a toilet that already has crap in it.
    No offense…

  • SMS is better than galaxy….

  • I personally think all 3D Mario games suck. SM64 is good but I can never play it too much, since it dies when I reach the water levels (SM64DS has me play as Yoshi at the start so it dies sooner). Sunshine is fun for a bit, but it died out for me too since I just didn’t feel like playing it (if the FLUDD shooted FIRE instead of WATER, then it would be a pretty good game!) and I found Galaxy to be just boring and the controls to be stupid sometimes. And it was also boring, did I already say that? Yeah boring.

    Just sayin’ my opinion (I have to say it’s an opinion before butthurt Mario fans are like “NOOOOOOO THEY BE BEST GAMES EVAH MAID U GAY U FAIL LOL UR FAIL IS OVER 9000” or something like that)

  • @Androu1
    *is butthurt D=*

    I like Galaxy better than Sunshine, but that doesn’t mean I think Sunshine is a bad game. And I don’t mind him advertising his channel. I mean, aren’t other people doing the same thing indirectly when they post videos of their textures instead of screenshots?

  • Uh … 400 hundred suscribers ? That’s way more than optimism, I think. That’s … magic ! 8D

    (You should have started it with a more brilliant texture, to get more than a hundred, if you want my opinion. ^_^’ A stage, maybe …)

  • @LookItsLink: Unless, you know, you made audio hacks. Kinda hard to post snapshots of those. :3

  • (Ow, sorry. I thought you meant 400 >more< suscribers. ^_^'
    Might not be so unreachable. Still, I think that starting up with a brilliant stage would have been better for your channel.)

  • I like this texture …

  • Oh one thing I am wondering, why the fuck make it a “patch” anyway?

  • WHOA!!! hold it!

    October 6, 2009 at 9:31 pm
    They help when trying to get a machinima contract, however. I can advertise my channel here if I wish. And xithma, bragging that you have 300 subs is advertising your channel, you know

    how the hell am i advertising my channel??? i only said just because your jealous i have 300 subsribers doesnt mean you deserve more! it’s not like i commented saying “oh, btw my youtube name is xithma”… i never even mentioned my friggin youtube name so how the hell is that advertising?!

  • @People arguing about a youtube page…


  • I want these Sunshine-Styled Textures! But I can’t see any big difference between the sunshine bowser or the galaxy bowser?

  • Sunshine Bowser and Galaxy Bowser have similar textures. thats why.

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