SMS Patch Preview #2-Bowser!

The final boss joins the brawl!

By the way, why does no one ever use the final boss battle theme from SMS? It’s so…awesome.

Also, other team members, please update as well when I post SMS Patch Previews-they aren’t releases, so ya still gotta give ’em somthin’.

Here are the pictures, anyway. Enjoy.

I won’t have daily updates btw, I sheerly had this one finished and decided to post it.

Keep subscribing guys! I started yesterday with 241 of the 400 needed, I’m now at 248! Subscribe subscribe subscribe! (footage of todays texture should go up there tommorow!)

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  • By the way, if you don’t like the characters, the stages will come very soon. I just have the three sms versions of excisting characters near completion, so they get shown first. The first stage should be shown around sunday.

  • Why tf2 references?

  • I hate these kind of plain, detailess textures. Ugly as hell.

    Well, I’ll wait for the stage then, since you’ve promised that tp be good.

  • There is a lot of detail in it. It’s just not supposed to be as detailed as brawl. The details match up near-perfectly to those of sunshine (which are just slightly worse than galaxy’s. i wish i was joking. damn you wii.) But yeah, the first stage will be when we get into the more awesome textures.
    EDIT: Not wii, the texture hacker. 😛

  • The lighting system in Brawl doesn’t exactly do this texture much justice (I never noticed how extreme it was @_@ ).

    Still, certainly looks accurate. Nice one. 😛

  • hmmmm just like the game I guess….

  • Still isn’t worth subscribing to your channel. It’s just an oversaturated Bowser… I liked Sunshine, but not enough to replace a Bowser texture with that…

  • Where are his nostrils?

  • Wait, If we subscribe to your channel, you release these textures, right?

    What good do we get?

  • Nice lol…

    And I thought you would get more subs than me because you joined youtube longer….

  • nice texture neon! glad to see a post from you that makes me happy… ugh

  • What Ninten said. Plus, the captions suck and you didn’t make the texture dark before trying it in Brawl, unless you don’t know about the lighting. Not a fan of cel-shading too much either, when 99% of the other textures are DETAILED.

  • Oh and remaking a texture that has been done 500 times isn’t great either, unless your version has something better and/or different from others. Would have been better if it was a detailed version of the Sunshine texture.

  • I know about the lighting. Goddamn. It’s detailed. And, to my knowledge, this hasn’t ben done before. It is as detailed as the sunshine texture. A more detailed version would be brawl’s bowser. >.>

  • HA! Brawl’s lighting is extreme? Look at melee…

  • @LeadofDestruction: Brawl’s textures, when looked at, are very dull. But in-game? Are suddenly made rather vibrant; you wouldn’t guess how depressing they look.
    But when put into MELEE? They retain that sense of darkness. It took me the longest time to adjust to Brawl’s Ness because of how saturated it appeared next to the other characters. LOL

  • I really dont see how much more detailed you can get with a texture that needs to be less detailed. So in order for it to be more detailed it has to be less detailed . :p damn, thats very confusing. I think you should just aim to get the right colors for textures like these (which this one has) I like it, it looks like the sunshine bowser and i would would give it an A+

    As to weather people like it or not, that really depends on the types of textures they like. Personally, i like textures that are compleately different than the original character and not just recolors or less detail version such as melee mario, melee bowser ect so personally, i wouldnt download this. But my cousin loves these types of textyures and recolors.

  • @S.-
    I’m guessing that Melee’s textures are brighter? Because if the lighting isn’t as vigorous as Brawl, the saturation of the textures must be greater. Actually not even that because Brawl’s Melee stages use the same textures as the original Melee stages. Look at Corneria for example. Brawl’s is way darker. I don’t know why…

  • Mmmmmmmmmmm… perhaps a different lighting system is used for the stage and characters when you play there? This is possible, right? I mean, you can have a cel-shaded Zelda trophy and a regular-shaded trophy in the same place in Diorama Mode, so…

  • Each stage has a different lighting system. It can be tampered with, which can have..odd results. My melee battlefield that i made when on esh made kirby cell shaded.

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