Super Mario Mayhem! (GCN)

Two’s a crowd in these parts… but three’s just plain mayhem.

And hopefully you all’ll enjoy this.

Featuring the pixel-realism-induced Hybrid Mushroom Kingdom I… and the likes of a Brawl-rendered Dr. Mario (will likely be updated another day), alongside Brawl Mario and Brawl Luigi, courtesy of Androu1 himself. Credit to Androu1 for allowing me to use the Mario face textures for the Doc!


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  • Brawl textures in Melee. This truly is an advancement in science.

  • nice!, this really makes me think that when they were designing melee, they could’ve done a much better job with the texturing, and that Dr. Mario is amazing!

  • Well, Luigi looks like a crazed madman, and the unedited (and I’m assuming uneditable) bits of the stage stick out, but otherwise, very nice.

  • No Brawl Cloudbush? I am very dissapoint, Stack Smash, very, very dissapoint.

  • Mario and Dr.Mario are sexy. Luigi’s eyes just scream RAPE. Nice job.

  • NJ with those S.

    but u kinda need to fix luigi’s eyes.

  • no files? D:

  • Why is Bluz categorized under this? T_O

    @Chicken Chaser: Brawl cloudbush? What you talkin’bout

    @RoyPh123X: I hear that. Buuuuut, you also have to remember, Melee WAS one of the first games on the GCN… so likely the team behind it didn’t know the capabilities of it. Took until Twilight Princess before we were awed with what the GCN could handle.

  • Looking back on Melee, Luigi looked SO much different than he does now…
    Melee Luigi just looks creepy. o.o

  • Yeah Meleigi looked weird. Brawl Dr. looks epic.

  • WOW! LOVE that DR MARIO!!! Infact, that would be cool on a mario texture in brawl, since there is already a melee dr mario texture made by S. I think. Im pretty sure… and it looks cool with my dr mario model too, if i do say so myself ^_^ I HAVE to get some blank DVDs!!
    how big is the melee iso approx.? I could use dolphin too i suppose.

  • ^ Waha, thanks, Oni Kage. 😛
    Melee ISO is approx. 1.35GB (NTSC; v1.2). Not sure how big the other versions are.

  • Why does Mario look really similar to Luigi in Melee? :S

  • lol I was wondering if anyone would do stuff like this. They look awesome!

  • Hotness.

  • It seems this is too epic for words…

  • Their faces look kinda… unnatural. Dr. Mario looks great but Luigi might haunt my nightmares.

  • ^ Luigi was always kind of unnatural, especially in Melee. 😛

  • For those of us that can’t run Dolphin on OpenGL due to lack of state of the art graphics cards, could you possibly upload a package of the TGA files for the characters you’re editing so we may also have the chance to Hex some new textures? I like the new textures just as much as the next guy, but you’re simply slowing the development of all of this by not printing a guide and allowing others to contribute as well. The sooner there’s a guide, the sooner we can code a program similar to the brawl apps for texture hacks. Or the now insanely easy texture hack for Marvel Vs Capcom 2.

  • ^ Someone’s working on a guide, I believe. Not myself (at least, not at the moment), but at another forum. I think it’s going to be a visual via YouTube, but don’t take my word on that.
    Ah, and I was planning on releasing the textures of the characters, once some kind of guide was made… A lot of stuff is being looked into, but don’t worry. I’ve made it a goal to be sure I get SOMEthing up (guide likely) by at least before the end of this year.

  • luigi looks more like a weegee than a ssbb luigi

  • The stage and Dr. Mario are awesome. Luigi…Not so much.

  • I absolutely LOVE Doctor Mario and the stage, when can we expect a download?

  • Oh, wait, I just checked STUFFZ and saw it there DX

  • doctor mario looks really good! this is proff that melee graphics could have been better after all

  • btw i dont know if it’s just me, but the stage texture looks kind of like the unlockable mario bros stage from smash bros 64

  • That Dr. Mario should be the texture used for brawl model hacking opposed to melee’s dr mario texture

  • does no one ever post in the forum anymore!?

  • YAY i haz a gravatar! [/spam]

  • This is AWESOME!
    You should do this with every character, even with the other non-Brawl characters (Pichu, Mewtwo, Roy, I miss any?)

  • I take it back, I looked at the pictures close up, now Dr. Mario looks amazing, but the rest look awful… it’s like worse.

  • @JrDude: Young Link. D:
    Imma considering continuing this series of Brawl-graphic transfers (like Zelda into Brawl Zelda, Ness into Brawl Ness, Peach into Brawl Peach, etc. except for maybe Captain Falcon, as I would find it rather insulting to his moar-rapeage Melee self :3 ).
    Pichu, Mewtwo, Roy’ll be interesting, especially Roy. Young Link? Heh heh.

  • S., correction on the Twilight Princess thing to realize textures. F-Zero GX. It does a much better job of texturing than Twilight Princess ever did.

  • @JrDude: how do they look worse in any way?

  • @Androu
    I looked at the close version on some of the pictures, I’ll point out what I noticed. I will name the number of the picture I observed.
    1. The top of Mario’s hat looks very odd. After noticing this I couldn’t help but notice it in every other picture too, even Luigi’s pictures.
    4. Look at Luigi’s arms, they look all twisted up, and the knee of his pants looks stretched out or something… After seeing that, I can’t help but notice it on the other pictures too, as well as on Mario.

  • Yeah, those happened because their textures are too weird and limited :/

    Maybe I will try to edit them up and revamp them sometime, I dunno.

    However, it’s not like it’s too noticeable while actually playing :B

  • Well I could care less how they look when playing, I mean, I don’t even have Homebrew on my Wii. I’m just here because some of these are cool.

  • ^ Ohhh yeahhh, Mario and Luigi’s pants in Melee do a weird stretching effect… At least, whenever they jump or something. The textures themselves look perfectly normal, so it was a surprise to me as well. >.>


    The Melee textures never fail to amaze me. They look great!

  • I’m totally off-topic. But I was correct about the John part. C:

  • I recently finished a Ganondorf texture for Melee and was wondering if you wanted to post it.

  • ^ I probably won’t be able to post it, but I surely wouldn’t mind taking a look at it. (You’d have a better chance catching me in the IRC.)

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