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Wanted: Swordless Ike

I don’t mean to steal the thunder of Lexx and Pik (sorry dudes) but c’mon, just hear me out, please…

There’s a texture I want to make for Ike and the only way it’ll really work is if he has no sword. Now that things like Ness’s little bit of hair and most of Meta Knight’s mask can be removed, I figure Ike’s sword can, too. I don’t know the first thing about hex editing, so can anyone help a guy out here (ideally, linking me to a download for a PAC and or PCS of Ike with no sword)?

With love, from BP.

Tryouts Again

No beating around the bush this time.


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Bye bye

Yeah, you heard that right. I’m leaving!
Well… not really leaving, I’m just retiring from texture hacking.
1. Lost files due to a virus (including pacs, pics and pcs’s)
2. Update that killed Homebrew (I had to eventually for a legal copy of NSMBWii)
3. Lack of motivation to reinstall Homebrew
4. Grew tired of texture hacking
Nothing emotional or that kind of overdramatic bullshit. I love the guys at Stack Smash and I enjoyed being part of it.
Still, do not think I’m leaving Stack Smash. Currently, I’m getting more skilled at making models in Maya. Once model hacking becomes fact, I will be there to serve up some models. I hate rigging bones and shit, so I’ll leave that to someone else.
So, if you’re thinking “Nick hasn’t updated in ages, the lazy bastard”, you know why.

No time for formalities? Lies. Lies and slander.

Reason for this madness inside.
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Advertising YAY

So I’ve (PZT) got this MUGEN site. It’s called MUGEN Royale. And it’s dying really quick. Really, really quick. Like it’s got an inoperable brain tumor. But you can make it not die. Give it chemo and stuff. You can do that by signing up and posting. Every user counts. If you like MUGEN, it’s a great site for all your needs. You can find tons and tons of characters. Tons and tons. And we’re even accepting staff applications. C’mon, join us at MUGEN Royale. A little goes a long way.
And do I really have to mention to join? This is a last ditch sort of thing, you see.
EDIT: How am I so stupid as to forget the link? It’s riiiight here:

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CPU wants to fight! (GCN)


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Seriously guys. Is it so hard to check the Smash Costume Hack Community? This (hopefully) permanent sticky is all a link to it. Seriously, check that shit out.

Note: If you’re too blind to notice, all new posts are posted BELOW this one for the time being. That includes announcements, updates, and so on. So look down!

Sorry broke link for now

PAC file dun exits!

While I’m not hacking Brawl, this seems to be an extremely common problem/question: What do I do if there isn’t a PAC file included with some of the Stack Smash textures, like Shiny Pokemon Trainer?! The answer is simple:

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Stage of the Past, in the Future (GCN) + Texhax GUIDE!

Sit around the campfire, kids, and I’ll tell ye a story passed down for generations that shaped the world as it is now!

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