No time for formalities? Lies. Lies and slander.

Reason for this madness inside.

We got hacked. Yes, the hackers got hacked. Or cracked if you’re overly PC hardcore hacker guy. So, please excuse the mess. We lost pretty much all our pictures, which explains their absence. IF YOU HAVE ANY PICTURES SAVED FROM THE PRE-HACKED SITE, SEND THEM TO US! Preferably with original filenames. This includes the SCHC banner, among other things. Thanks. BrawlHost got hit too. I can reupload your site, but without pictures. I hope you made backups!
This new site we’re on called Kontek? We got unlimited space and bandwidth now. And I mean fo realz. The trade-off is that ads will be popping up in a few weeks, sorry to say. But hey, they’re relatively unintrusive Adsense ads. And Adsense ads are funny, right? Right?

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