Bye bye

Yeah, you heard that right. I’m leaving!
Well… not really leaving, I’m just retiring from texture hacking.
1. Lost files due to a virus (including pacs, pics and pcs’s)
2. Update that killed Homebrew (I had to eventually for a legal copy of NSMBWii)
3. Lack of motivation to reinstall Homebrew
4. Grew tired of texture hacking
Nothing emotional or that kind of overdramatic bullshit. I love the guys at Stack Smash and I enjoyed being part of it.
Still, do not think I’m leaving Stack Smash. Currently, I’m getting more skilled at making models in Maya. Once model hacking becomes fact, I will be there to serve up some models. I hate rigging bones and shit, so I’ll leave that to someone else.
So, if you’re thinking “Nick hasn’t updated in ages, the lazy bastard”, you know why.

15 Responses to “Bye bye”

  • It’s a shame to see you go, especially since we just lost three members.

    But I also just had an “Oh Crap” moment. I’m also buying NSMBWii. -_- Er…is there some way I can block the update…?

  • Doesn’t the last version of Gecko OS work to skip the update?

  • It sucks that you’re retiring, some of my favourite Stack Smash textures came from you.

    However, I’m also concerned about this whole “New Super Mario Bros. Wii” mess, as I’m picking up my pre-ordered copy tomorrow…

  • There’s no such thing as an “update that kills homebrew”.

    In fact, why should you even bother updating at all?

  • @hotdogturtle
    Wii Menu 4.2 deletes all Homebrew, including .wads you installed like VC games and Gecko. Though I suppose all that you need to do is reinstall it with Bannerbomb. One question, if you update without removing your homebrew yourself, will the update brick your Wii? Or will it just delete the stuff safely?

  • Wiitarded update… Bricks some Wii consoles even if they are complete virgins from the ways of Homebrew.

    Shucks. Been nice having your texhax, NICKtendo_DS. Made some great stuff. :<

  • Come on, stop crying guys, he’s still there. 😛

    (Why are so many people losing all of their textures because of viruses ? It’s at least the fifth time I see this in the community. Ô_o )

  • Well crap. This is bad.

    Both Nick retiring, and that I’m apparently going to have to update to 4.2 if I want NSMBWii.

  • Uhm, just want to say that it doesn’t kill homebrew at all. I’m on wii 4.2U, and still have everything. The update doesn’t do anything at all as long as you’re up to date. So 2 and 3 don’t count.

  • True, Roy. I’m on 4.2E and I still have a working Homebrew Channel and a pirate Pole’s Big Adventure. Everything works perfectly (except for the Backup Launcher and the WAD Manager >:U).

  • Options:

    -update to 4.2 the “safe way” which doesn’t delete homebrew
    -update to 4.2 normally and then re-install homebrew with Bannerbomb
    -don’t update and play games by blocking updates

    Not a big deal really.

  • Has ANYONE updated HBC since Wii 4.2 came out? It will keep HB on there if you do it before updating to 4.2. Did for me, at least.

  • That sucks how you’re leaving as well 🙁

  • hotdogturtle, safe update does delete homebrew. >.>

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