Stage of the Past, in the Future (GCN) + Texhax GUIDE!

Sit around the campfire, kids, and I’ll tell ye a story passed down for generations that shaped the world as it is now!

There was once a kid named Ness.

Ness was a special kid, who knew the ways of PSI, and was destined from birth to be a great hero.

Ness was accompanied by three other friends on his journey to greatness: Paula, a girl who would become his future love; Jeff, a quirky kid with a brilliant mind; and Poo, a martial arts boy with ancient, untapped potential flowing in his blood.

Now, Ness and his friends were determined to put an end to the Embodiment of Evil. During their travels into the heavens and the center of the Earth, even into their own imaginations, they conquered every foe who tried to stop them. They collected the eight melodies required for their journey to be a success, and thwarted some of the strongest bad guys you’d ever see. Ness was even blessed with the power of the eight spots where he collected the melodies, after first gaining control over his very consciousness.

But then, somewhere during the transition from the present into the future… sometime in the span of a second into a second… someplace far beyond mortal comprehension… it was seen fit that Ness’s destiny changed.

After taking Jeff’s father’s time machine into the past, the transferred beings of Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo faced off against the greatest evil the universe has ever known.

And, after a long and desperate struggle, using every ounce of strength, the strongest of weapons, even praying to the people in the future…

They lost.

No one cared about some kids going into the past to defeat some baddie no one had heard of, let alone couldn’t see.

No one bothered to think of the past having dire consequences to the future.

No one thought they would be of any use, to a time that was gone and a future that was calling.

Human self-indulgence had devoured our planet, a far greater sin than the likes of the All-Mighty Idiot.
And because of our selfish actions to cling to our materialistic lives… the War was lost to us.

And because of this, our world, our universe, no longer exists, and we are now souls trapped for eternity in the belly of malevolence incarnate.

Welcome to Giygas Destination.

~For those interested in seeing the Smash Bros. Melee texture hacking guide, please follow this link! HUGE thanks to GodFed for whipping this up! 😀

~Also, now with more video!

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