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Luigi’s Mansion on the Xbox?

Hell no, its another lost gem from the Original Xbox

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Pump Up the Volume (GCN)

A post long overdue… A new member has joined the team!

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I made a Demoman :I


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Fuck yeah, I’m on a freaking ADVENTURE

Bad Title for a Bad Post

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Progress Report! (GCN)

Bet you weren’t expecting one of these any time soon.

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You are no longer needed

You have restored my strengh Wario, and now, I shall crush you!

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Diddy joined a bike gan–I mean, “motorcycle club”

Biker Diddy. Basically the same drill as when I made Surfin’ Pit and Unfortunate Pit, except I am expecting to make more Diddy Kongs than I did Pits at that time, and delivering them in smaller, likely more infrequent, but more, doses.

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It’s mine! It’s FINALLY mine!

My texture in Brawl is MINE!!!!

Now Shake Dimention and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, tremble before your new king!!
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Creating Creators

Jim made a Golden Goddess. BP made A Giant. The show, let’s get it on the road.
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I made textures, you make stages.

A city theme for the stage builder. It replaces the ruins template (STGEDIT_2.pac). The obvious motive was to make a Fourside that felt more like Fourside, but I didn’t put in any recognizable buildings except for that fortune cookie building from Australia… so the template has more potential–Saffron City, perhaps.
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