Progress Report! (GCN)

Bet you weren’t expecting one of these any time soon.

Off and about, the Melee/GCN site extension Illusory Labyrinth has been making some nice progress… Here are some of the samples that can be viewed. Enjoy!

~HUGE credit goes to Milun for a majority of the latter shots (hourglass capsule, tube-less Mewtwo, accessory-less Doc, MKI without sides, Yoshi egg model), Zyx for the audio footage, and Tichinde925 for the music!

For these, and plenty of other goodies in the near future, keep tabs:

10 Responses to “Progress Report! (GCN)”

  • Did I just see “Super Mario RPG Overworld”?

  • Now I realize the lacking of a rotating stage in Brawl…
    This stage would have been better than Brinstar in Brawl! It has Kraid!

  • @NICKtendo DS

    100% agree!!

  • Wow, this is awesome. If Melee hacks could support a loading method like in Brawl, I surely would use these D:

  • I agree with Nick, Brainstar Depths is one of the most awesome stages ever 😛

  • Ima start regularly commenting since I’ve been regularly lurking since…. like forever XD. Also cause I’ve noticed a lot of the texture sites have been begining to slow down a bit, though I guess that’s to be expected after spending so much time hacking a single game (though then again, there’s still a smw hacking community). Aaaaanyway, I’d use these too if my disc drive wasn’t broken ^_^’ I’ll have to wait til usb supports GCN.

  • I was ticked off when I played Melee and saw how awesome this stage was. Why did they have to include plain old Brinstar instead, when they already had Norfair?!

  • S, is there any way I could persuade you to post a link to the Metal texture you use for melee?

  • USB/SD support isn’t available while playing Gamecube games because the wii can’t figure out what’s going on!

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