Another plea for help? What can I say…

I have another request for a basic model change I don’t know how to do. Since the time I needed Ike’s sword removed to create Gene, I have learned how to remove things like swords and stuff (that’s why I didn’t credit anybody when I removed Toon Link’s belt buckle and sheath for Boy and Blob, and Sheik’s knife when I made Giant–I’m not a jerk, I removed those myself)… but this is a more difficult one.

I need the heads of the Ice Climbers’ hammers removed. Only the heads. I want the handles still there, so they’d look like they were just swinging sticks around as weapons. I won’t say what I want this for, but…

This is you when you find out.

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  • Vertex editing is your friend.

  • I’ve tried that and did get to the part where I was editing the vertices, but Waffles’ guide wasn’t too clear on the process of putting the edited mesh back in… I am also lazily waiting for someone to whip up a program that’ll make mesh-editing easy enough for artsy dolts like me.

  • @BP

    That’s exactly what I’m waiting for too. I hope Dantarion or Kryal does it for us.

  • i could make a much clearer vertex editing guide, but that would be after someone makes at least an understandable guide for adding faces

  • What are you having trouble with, exactly?

    Here’s something I think FW made horribly vague: An easy way to find where to paste your new out.bin (after editing) is to find the string of eight zerobytes four lines down from the MDL0 Offset. Paste it right after them. Those are also replacing the 4 lines you originally left out while making your new test.bin file.

  • Here:

    I used a hex editor to remove the heads of the hammers but I don’t have a Wii to test it at the moment and I’ve never edited the Ice Climbers.

  • I mean, I’ve never edited the Ice climbers before today.

  • Uhhh…. oh balls. It worked perfectly, but it’s gotta have Random Talking Bush’s separate eyes patch, also…

    I hate to be such a picky beggar, but could you re-do it for this PAC here, please? You’ll be my hero if you do.

  • All done :p

    The new file should be at but once again, I cannot test it.

  • Awesome, it works to perfection. Thank you so much! I’ll try to have the texture finished by tomorrow or Monday. Don’t try to guess what it is, ’cause you never will, ever.

    Anyway, like I said before, I don’t know how to put the edited mesh back into the model file. That is, I don’t know what part of the hex I need to copy, exactly where it belongs in the MDL0, or how much it needs to replace. Learning would be nice, but how long will it be before the knowledge is made obsolete by simplification?

  • I know what’s BP’s secret texture. It’s “Ice Climbers holding sticks instead of hammers”!

  • @Androu1: Epic idea is epic
    Well, the first one you made with removed textures was great, plus that also eventually gave us Ryu, so this will probably be epic, end up giving us Akuma.

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