The fabled dance.

There was once a tale told by a sole man, his name was Androu1. He told stories of a myterious and powerful dance, “The PZT Fap Dance”. It was foretold who ever performs this dance get “Supah Fap Powahz” and it is said that the only person who has ever successfully performed this dance was a mystic fap sage, who goes by the name of “PZT”.

I went to him and asked to witness the dance, he told me it was too potent for my eyes, he shone me off. I waited and waited, untill suddenly the mystical PZT left his home, I scurried in and placed a hidden camera and a backup tape recorder and jolted out the door, qiuetly and stealthily. I sat by his window, up a tree and watched.

Seconds to minutes to hours flew by, then suddenly, he showed signs of iniating the fap dance. He was getting into position as he noticed the hidden camera, he threw it out the window and cursed me, but the tape recorder was left, hidden, not spotted by the wisdom filled man. He got into position and cried “THIS IS PZT” a small but memorizing dance heavily involving leg and arm flexibility was done, its like arms and legs were squiggly lines. He violently thrusted 1 hand down his pants and lashed out his scrodum, he grasped it firmly yet powerfully and told “IT’S SHOWTIME!”.

The rest is impossibly described through words, it must be listened to even start to be able to fathom the new emotion that was conceived through that face.

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