Credits: Neon, Vile, Pharrox I think (did he make tplx?)

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  • Ooohh…

  • What am I seeing that’s supposed to be successful…? Is it a new texture hacking format or something?

  • That’s new super mario bros wii’s yoshi textures. πŸ˜€

  • editing textures for nsmbw?

  • <3 Best of luck to you.

  • If you hover over the picture it says “newsupermariobrosyoshi”. lol

  • Wow, nice. Good job.

  • This is going to be awesome!

  • Success at importing textures? Yeah, but nothing more. Post when you will have edited textures IN-GAME. And no, Pharrox did not make tplx..

  • Fuck Yoshi, WHERE’S MARIO

  • Fun. So are people gonna start posting textures for NSMB wii on this site?

  • Pako, I thought we’d gotten through this. No more Mario for you. >:U

  • No more Mario on Brawl.

  • Yoshi on fucking Mario?

  • We have textures in game, however we’re having trouble showing them because of the faggot wii system update thingy. How can I skip this while running an iso on a flash drive?

  • Aha, so you’re expanding to NSMBW?
    This is good! Who knows what you could hack next?

    Perhaps Galxy 2?

  • Knight Mario Galaxy…


  • tplx is from an SDK called Gcube, not by Pharrox, btw I recomend you use Zetsubou from instead of tplx

  • @ Schonburger…that sounds german. Lolnazi
    *insert galaxy rant here*
    In all seriousness, assuming galaxy 1 and 2 have the same engines, yeah, it should be possible, as galaxy 1 seems hella easy to texture. However, I first plan on texturing the multiplayer of a fun but obscure wii shooter-Red Steel.

    And, Vile posted a guide somewhere on gbatempt, for those who want it.

    i keep trying to texture hack this but i get errors when i try to save in brawlbox!!!

  • Wait a second… Red Steel is a shooter? I was sure it was about sword fighting…

  • Make Mario out of Yoshi!

  • @ STUFF2o
    Single player is a shooter with some sword fights, but only a few. Multiplayer is solely shooting.

  • Red Steel fucking sucks. I borrowed it from a friend and never gave him back. The gameplay is pure crap, there are tons of glitches, bugs, and any type of shit you can think of in this game such as being stuck in a random place forever just because you fell off the platform. And guess what? It even LAGGED. It’s a console game, yet it lags! Incredible! Pure, utter, shit.

  • Shitty textures as always, Nintendo.

  • Red Steel Sucks.
    People are gonna make Naruto Yoshis, Toads and Koopalings.
    And S is correct, even if it does look OK in game.


    Seriously, at this rate, the whole Gaming communities are gonna start modding their games, and more and more will become available, and then … the whole Nintendo Fanbase will be a huge Narutard Orgy …

    I hope your happy with yourself

  • Textures for a game that will more than likely only be played once or maybe twice through? I can see textures for smash and such since it is a game with high replay value, but NSMBW? Come on, how many times will people want to play that just to see a different looking character or level? (And I LOVE NSMBW!) The reward to effort ratio is off IMO.

  • @Schonburger:

    I don’t think we’re expanding. I believe this was posted without even asking other members about posting it, which is seriously really lame.

  • @Fuck this shit: I like your name. But anyway, there’s a level editor out and another one in the making (IIRC), so I think NSMBWii will be rather replayable.

  • Also the texture sucks because you are always rather far from the character. If the texture was too detailed it would look messy while playing.

    And yes I triple posted, I was too lazy to login and edit my comments. Fukka you

  • @BigSharkZ:

    I believe No More Heroes also lagged. Atleast the USA version does :U

  • The user hiding behind the name “Fuck this shit” does not have friends in real life.

  • Of course No More Heroes lagged. It spawns and calculates the movements of nearly 25 enemies at a time, all with almost the same size and polygon count as Travis, in addition to all of Travis’ movements, spattering blood for each enemy, the lighting effect AND the environment, all with no intermittent loading time. Every single level loads once. The whole thing.

    The Wii is no Xbox360.

  • Gotta agree–there’s something different about retexturing games with free camera control, high-resolution textures, nigh-inexhaustible multiplayer value, and a four to six differently-textured copies of the exact same thing playable at a given time. That is to say… nobody retextures common enemies or ordinary levels in SSE, and NSMBW is even less ready for it.

    Neon will probably be alone in this. But hey, it won’t be a first for us. We’ve got Mr. NoStalgia GoggleS.

  • I’m far from alone in that sense, BP. πŸ˜‰

  • @RAWRzilla: AFAIK, the PAL and JP versions of the game didn’t lag, tho! And yes the Wii isn’t the 360, because the 360 is awesomer :U

  • Is that SOOOOO?

    *plots getting his hands on a PAL copy of NMH for awesome*

  • Dude your waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay late for this. I’ve already made 7 textures for NSMBW already. πŸ˜› 7!!

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