New Super Mario Bros Wii

Progress: Arcs contain MDL0s, TEX0s, and BRRES’s. If anyone wants to help get those files out of the arcs, get tgas out, and re-insert everything, that’d be great. 😀

As you likely know, NSMBWii was released last Sunday. It was a total dissapointment and is by far the easiest and worst Mario 2D Platformer, but it’s still good.

Why is it good? Because:

Wii Game
+ Homebrew
= Fun

Work for every game, including Brawl. 😛

Anyways, here’s my problem: WiiScrubber is being a bitch. It won’t open up my iso. Tech info:

Wiiscrubber: V 1.30 ISO Size: On Flash Drive .53 GB On Computer: 252 MB.

Also, when I do texture hack NSMBWii, what would YOU want to see? I’m thinking of making more grand backgrounds and level themes.

Oh, also, a level editor for NSMBWii is out from what I heard.

And for those wanting a brawl teture or moveset from me, I have felt extremely emo recently and not motivated to work on much.

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