That’s a nice right arm ya got there…

Step one: Play the Capcom game God Hand for PlayStation 2.

Step two: Check out these textures based on it. This is what I wanted to remove Ike’s sword for–Gene, the user of the titular God Hand. He sometimes uses weapons like sledgehammers, planks, lampposts and sometimes swords in the game, but they’re minor, laughably fragile, and just wouldn’t work if I wanted to make a texture that captured what Gene was all about. So, I once again thank digiholic for removing it for me. Thanks a lot! A lot! a lot!

And don’t think this will be totally weird to play as–Gene uses waves of light shot from his arm in a few of his Roulette Wheel moves, and objects made of light in others. When you use sword-based moves with this texture hack, it looks like a combination of both.

Also making an appearance at the show is Shannon, one of the Four Devas. She’s one sadistic, scantily-clad boss… She looks as good as or better than Gene, but I dunno what to say about her. Just see for yourself.

Pics time:

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  • Ah. One thing I’d like to add. If you’re into moveset hacks, there’s this one that’s just PERFECT for Gene. His up smash and side smash look just like two of my favorite moves in God Hand. The only thing I don’t like is the down smash that freezes the enemy… it’s a bit of a game breaker. And the victory pose quotes spouted while he idles–potentially annoying.

    Downloads here and here. I’ll update the hacks page sometime later.

  • Never heard of the game, but I’ll definitely check it out because of these awesome textures =D

  • Those are awesome looking textures. Mind you, i’ve only played a bit of God Hand.

  • I’ve already told in IRC why I haven’t played God Hand.

    Still, I think I’ll download this fella (still need to put SMAAAASH!! Samus on my SD card anyway).

  • Pretty good ike texture but his face looks kinda retarded without the other half of the eyebrows ._x no offense. Sheik and zelda look awesome.


  • Glad to see my Swordless Ike texture put to good use ^_^

    Download link please?

  • In the first comment I made.

  • OH MY FUCKIN’ GOD! Gene… Perfect…..! Shannon… Perfect…..!
    I wanna see Devil Hand as Marth! Will look totally amazing on him! Maybe Olimar could be the Mad Midget Five… Ahhh, DK as Elvis! I’m trying to think one that would look good on Snake….. Zero Suit Samus could be those bitches with the whips! Damn, so many infinite possibilities! >D
    Dude, I love ya… You made the texture of my favourite game… TT_TT

  • you come up with the best captions.

  • Awesome. And DK should be the gorilla luchador.

  • Never played the games and most likely never will. Gene looks ok, but a bit bare. Shannon looks really good, texture suits her. The Sheik texture looks good.

  • @ Silent Mike
    Oh yeah! I forgot about the Gorilla Luchador… LOL
    Yeah, maybe Ganon would do a better Elvis… Since Elvis himself also manipulates dark flames with his cigar… =D

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