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He looks like a Red hot chettor!

From the remains of Syntax Error, we have some cameos that we still haven’t shown to you people, like this one, the fire-fur sabretooth from Final Fantasy VII, Red XIII!!

Now in the clothes of his old, cool-headed crewmate…


…Anyway, he will show you that he’s more than fangs and claws, he is quite intelligent after all (and much more polite than his “friend”)

Now, what do you want?



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The first of many.

Ok ok ok…you guys want to know what is this update? Oooh, do want, heh? It was requested when ]EE[ was “alive”….people were guessing what was Skyos surprise…some said it was boss textures, others, some random things i don’t remember.

Yes, this update is a boss texture. The first of many, i say. This is Retro Ridley (Not cel-shaded). Oh come on, don’t click the “more” button right now, let’s talk a little more :3

Just kidding, go on and see the pics! … oh, i almost forgot, i’m uploading a video, and this post will be updated when it’s done.

Here is the video.

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The fine art of paper-sculpting.

Through this art-form, Paper Mario is re-invented in 3D. It’s not technically a member of the cel-shaded series since S made it, not Bluz, but it’s awesome all the same. From the rocky wastelands of the Dry Dry Desert, to the freezing cold of the Crystal Palace, we bring you PAPER MACHE MARIO! Just don’t get him anywhere near a match.

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Special Update : PED Zero Suit & Justin Bailey!

I don’t got much to say but, this is the ZSS Version of PED Samus and Retro-Samus(Cel-Shaded).

PED ZSS has only 1 modification (and i don’t like that >:U), the back, breast and hand sign is blue.

But for Retro-Samus, i made Justin Bailey. If you guys don’t know her, just google. I talked too much. Let’s see the pics :3

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Robotnik’s Great Mechanical Impersonator

Created to destroy that which he was based off of…

A machine…with a need for speed…

Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik, the unsurpassed mechanical genius, created this…imposter to take down that blasted Sonic once and for all!


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Remniscient of an old man named Marty

I’d like to address an issue in the Brawl retexturing community that for lack of a better word, just sucks. It’s all this competitiveness between us at Stack Smash and the other teams, Kitty Corp and Elite Smash Hackers. All of these claims that one team is stealing ideas from another. All this bitterness about whose hacks are better.


What is the point? Why can’t the community be friendlier? Why compete? So what if two teams create the same basic idea? Is it really that big of a deal? I have a dream in which this competitive idiocy is over, in which we can all shut up and enjoy each other’s hacks. To the other hacking teams: what do you say?


Another special update, dawgs! This time, the special update is 2 Samus textures.

First comes an epic texture by eggboy, i think it’s his best texture, PED Suit Samus.

Second comes another texture by me, Retro-Samus(Or Cel-Shaded), who’s the second of my series of Cel-Shaded characters. Hope you all like it :3.

Now bois, enjoy the pics!

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OoT needs even more love…

This is the best game i’ve ever played. And i couldn’t resist to do this hack. And this one is the first of the Cel-Shaded series. I call it OoT Link, because it’s the same.  Now, enjoy the retro!

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Double Update! MOAR R.O.B.S! MOAR!

Thaaaaaat’s right! Just what you wanted! MOAR R.O.B.S! FOR THE END OF R.O.B. WEEK, WE GAVE YOU A DOUBLE UPDATE! AREN’T YOU LUCKY?

The first is a powerful robot from the game MOTHER/Earthbound Zero, created by Leon but as it was for ROB week, still Stack Smash territory. She resides on Mt. Itoi (yes we know), her purpose to aid Ninten in his perilous quest! EVE joins the Brawl!

The second is ROB after being subjected to the torturous process of Aparoideation (Star Fox Assault), which is truly an Assault on the mind. (ba dum pssh) ROB is gone. There is only ApaROB.

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Let’s Get Mature!

Someone’s copying Nintendo’s gimmicks. And this time, it’s not Sony (gaaaaasssspp!!) So, are all the characters in Brawl a little too kiddy for you? Do you need some more hardcore? I’ve got just the thing for you–The Xbox 360 Robot!

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