Progress Report: HQ (GCN)

So what’ve I been up to lately?

Some stuff.

There’s been plenty more going on, but for now, this is my most recent-
undertaking. Hopefully all the characters turn out okay. V:

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  • O_O Whoa, First your stage post on Illusory Labyrinth now this?! This high quality texture pack is coming along better than I expected.

    I’m really excited for this now, Can’t wait to see how the other characters come out.

  • The detail…
    So awesome T_T

  • Dude… This is what Melee should have looked like, you are a better texture artist then HAL’s texture team, you should be proud.

  • _D_D_: Proud just because he’s better than the people that made the textures for Melee? That’s too easy to do, man.

    But seriously, great stuff. I do wonder why Melee didn’t look more like this at first, tho.

    (I also wonder, why does Ness look like a fucking monkey? Uuuuuuuh?! Damn it Melee, fuck!)

  • Ack. I hear that about Ness. I really wish we could do something about models, I REALLY liked Brawl’s variation. Would probably swap out his, Pikachu… and Luigi. Just maybe.

    Anywho, Appreciate the comments. Glad to know I’m at least on the right track. (=

  • The HQ Mewtwo texture’s eyes look a bit strange without an eye highlight (like what the default texture displays). Maybe you can update it with those changes in the future.

  • Giga Bowser’s got no highlights, nor Ganon, or Bowser for that matter… Figured M2 could get some of that beastly badass lovin’.
    Been meaning to fix him up, though, so in time. :3

  • Quick question, the higher quality textures pack DOES include alternate colors for everyone right? It’d be kinda silly to just have all their standard textures updated, but their alts are still the same. o.o

  • It will… Gonna make a preview of all the characters beforehand, just in case, so I’ll know what to fix and make the recolors then.

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