Extreme Power!

These two were just made on a whim, S. wasn’t going to share them before…

But he figured someone out there might get a kick out of them. And I sure did. So…

Here’s Power-Hungry Crazy Hand, And GS-Themed Master Hand.

So PHCH got the Triforce of Power… And GSMH is color schemed after the infamous GS Ball of Pokemon lore. I saw these on Illusory Labyrinth and decided to make them for Brawl. These use the same textures as their Melee counter parts so they are almost perfect replicas texture wise. However they don’t look exactly the same as their Melee counter parts but I decided not to try to fix that because I think they look better this way. I only took Classic mode pictures, But that was just to save time, You can use these in Boss Battles mode too.

GS-Themed Master Hand

Power-Hungry Crazy Hand


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