SD Media Launcher-! (GCN)

Who would’ve guessed it actually works.

For those into some of the GCN hacks going around, and have a spare Gamecube sitting on the shelf…

As far as I can tell…
NO Wii required.
NO more wasting discs to burn; play right off the SD Card.
NO hardware mods/chips.

For those of you doing it the Wii-Homebrew way, and you’re comfortable with that, that’s fine. But for anyone else, if you’d like for me to write up a guide or make a video tutorial or something, feel free to note in the comments and I’ll gladly get around to it when exams are done.

Note that you WILL need an original copy of the game. Upside is, you won’t have to burn any discs afterwards. Sounds pretty rewarding, if you ask me.

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