Oh Look, Another Stage Hack

Yeah, there’s been a lot of these lately. Sorry about that, but this stage was actually supposed to be uploaded earlier. However I ran into problems with the stage and even after fixing them I decided to fine tune the stage a little more before releasing It. Well anyway, here’s Gamma Sigma Pictochat.

Thanks to Pik for helping me with the pictures (Some of them were corrupted), and of course the Sigma texture used for the stage was made by Dhragen. Here’s a video courtesy of libertyernie:


4 Responses to “Oh Look, Another Stage Hack”

  • What’s the significance of using Sigma for this stage?

  • *Facepalm*

    Hotdogturtle, go play Mega Man X5 to completion before I murder you.

    (South Park reference, don’t take It too seriously.)

  • Im glad somebody appreciates classics like this game.

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