GIR, Animal Crosser V2, and Munna

yeah, i’m finally posting stuff.¬† I have a few minutes in between classes, so i figured i’d hurry and do it.

ACer V2 :

Munna :


The ACer V2 now is 75% more generic, and is modeled after the original Gmecube version. GIR is over Olimar, and has piggies over the Pikmin, but i don’t have a pic of that right now. and Munna is made from Ness’s backpack. why? very late one night, i was thinking of what to do, and when this idea came up, i laughed a bit too much, and decided to do it.

i figured i’d just hurry up and post this to finally say i did,and to break up having so many stage updates all in a row, but it’s not like that’s a bad thing.





4 Responses to “GIR, Animal Crosser V2, and Munna”

  • Could you make a version of Androu’s “Billy (Animal Crosser)” with his textures and your vertex model (maybe without horns)?
    Would be so awesome, one of Androu’s best works.
    By the by, how come you never use our IRC channel? It’s our main venue for communicating ideas and getting to know one another?

  • He doesn’t want to get to know you. :p

  • @PZT

    He probably just doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands. He did say that he had to post this quickly between classes.

  • basically what PAVGN said. i don’t have much free time. i’ve been getting a lot of homework this semester. but i will try to get on occasionally.

    as for putting Androu’s texture on, i can do that. it shouldn’t take too much to do.

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