Pokemon HG/SS Blains Volcano

This was supposed to be Brocks gym but the textures wanted to act retarded to had to change the stage completely. Amazingly this stage works perfectly. The frame rate does  not increase  with 4 players. Anyway this stage is a mixture of the anime gym ,the in-game Pokémon Heartgold Gym, and the pokemon stadium gym plus a little brawl.

It has the lava from the anime and the spikes from the game and the texture just looked nice on there so I threw it on

You can go on the lava spikes just like in the Snowpoint city gym but they aren’t slippery at all, however the characters will sometimes slide over them as if they are ice if there is enough momentum.

The stage is 40 degrees higher than usual so the lava cannot hurt you on the stage when it rises. But the flying lava can  hit you. and the wave can and the lava wall.



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