Made another stage. It’s Candy Constellation from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.

The shape of the stage is taken pretty much block-for-block from this custom stage I made long before Brawl mods started happening. Which makes me call this a SSB64-type stage, while Bowser’s Castle and Osohe Castle would be Melee-types: here, the aesthetic design and functional design have no direct relationship, as with most SSB64 stages, while in my other two the aesthetic design required the functional design to be believable in the context.

The background scrolls through a level with motifs taken from Candy Constellation, but I had to be a little pragmatic and adjust the level design to work for a repeating, linear course. This part was inspired by Arthur’s stage, Demon Village, from Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It’s just background stuff but gives you a good feel of what the source material was like; rather than Brawl’s typical approach: killing you with the source material and not letting the stage sit still for even a minute. Which isn’t to say the stage isn’t alive. The enemies in the background move, the sky scrolls, the star lamp things on the left platform glimmer and the rings around them spin on a lopsided axis. This is my best work yet, I think.

Now for the still pics

Downloads: Plain | Everything On It

As per usual the Plain just has the stage, the icon, stage title, game logo and preview for the Stage Select Screen. This time there are also two .rel files; one that will let you replace the Halberd with this, and one that will let you replace Pictochat with it (that’s where I’ve been sticking it, and with libertyernie’s classic mode stage modifier I added it to the Kirby selection). It is once again Battlefield-based so you can put the stage anywhere you have a .rel that would let you put Battlefield in its place.

The Everything On It has those, twelve songs again, and a whole bunch of concept sketches. Way more than Osohe Castle had. If you’re interested in how I plan my stages to make them better, maybe give them a once-over?

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  • Perfect, this goes with one of my favorite remixes from this album: (the quality is bad on this video, but I have the real version on my computer)

  • It’s telling me that the .pac file in the Plain package is corrupt. You might want to look into that. It seems to be working in the Complete package.

  • I think I fixed it.

  • MmmmmmmmmmmMAGNIFICENT

  • Sorry for not commenting on this the day you posted It. I wanted to give song suggestions since you said that you hadn’t played Kirby 64 or very much of Air Ride or practically any of Super Star. I just hadn’t gotten around to It until now.

    Kirby Super Star song:

    Great Cave Offensive Crystal Field and Mystery Paradise Area – This is a remix of the Green Greens theme that might be what the Melee remix is based off of.

    Kirby Air Ride song:

    Nebula Belt – As a space themed course, It has music that I think would fit in well with the stage.

    Kirby 64 songs:

    Ruins – This is a really iffy choice. I think it fits (the stage at least), but you might not.

    Inside the Ruins – Not sure why It’s called “Inside the Ruins”. It’s really more of an alien spacecraft.

    Kirby’s Epic Yarn songs:

    Future City – Sounds kind of Super Mario Galaxy-ish.

    Outer Rings – Doesn’t sound as “Outer Space-y” as the others, but It does sound happier.

    Anyway, this stage is certainly simpler than your other stages, but It’s still pretty damn good. I’m really looking forward to any other stages you might be making.

    I will edit this comment soon to add links to these songs. Links added.

  • Cool! I love stages 🙂

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