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Let’s synchronize our clocks, baby

It’s Chrono Trigger time! Actually, Chrono Trigger time was 1009 years ago but Crono and Frog don’t care and are here now… via time travel. Sure.

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Seeking the Rings of Power…

…so that he may defeat the evil sorcerror Ivonor Robanok. He pits his strength, his courage, and his fabulous Beamsword against the forces of evil! He is…

Sonic the Hedgehog the Barbarian!

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Who hasn’t played Cave Story yet?

I didn’t. Until I tried it a month ago. I almost cried from the awesomeness and felt compelled to make at least two textures based on it. If you haven’t played it yet, DO IT.

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Leon, the other furry!

No, not Leon from Starfox! And no, not Leon from Stack Smash either! It’s the racing talent discovered by the Arrows and pilot of the Space Angler, Leon!

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Pherae’s Finest Knight (GCN)

…is also Fire Emblem’s most oblivious playboy.

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The other doc

Well, Wily wasn’t able to recover all of Doc Robot’s parts, so he might look a little shorter. There’s nothing to worry about, though. Doc Robot is fully functional.

Armed with Meta Slash and Meta Wing he copied from Metaknight, he’s ready to destroy Mega Man!

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But wait there’s more

SMAAAASH!! Samus time. This one came out really well.

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CPU wants to fight! (GCN)


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Peer Pressure.

Has got to me.

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