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Peer Pressure.

Has got to me.

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Firefucko The Cheapohog joins da Brawl! (BETA)

Well, I made a moveset hack!

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Magma Falcon! (Moveset Hack)

EDIT: Hey, the SCHC just got a section in which YOU can show off your custom moves! Check the SCHC out!!!!!!!! (If you didn’t catch the link: )

Hello thar! I’ll show you guys my first attemp at a moveset hack, it’s still V1, but whatever. I call him Magma Falcon. There’s no texture for him yet, so i used a normal brawl texture to take the pics. Since it’s V1, i didn’t make any new move yet, but i modyfied his graphical data and stuff. Test it and you’ll see. He has fire aura! Enough talk, let’s go to the pics.

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