Peer Pressure.

Has got to me.

Everyone seems to be doing it so I’ve made a PSA moveset.

But hey, at least it’s not on fire.

I couldn’t really think of a decent name so I just call him Commander Snake.  He’s not really supposed to be another character, just another way (also a bit more melee orientated) way to play as Snake.

Every move has been changed except for his grabs, floor and ledge attacks.  I really can’t be bothered making a change log since I did this a long time ago (finished it 3 days after PSA came out), and I can’t remember all the specifics.  So it’s up to you to figure out what all his moves are :p

I’ve been trying to make him as balanced as possible, but I’ll need your help with that.  If you play as him, could you post a comment on what you think needs to be changed? It’s so I can make a V2 which will be  a lot more balanced than it is now.  If you do post a comment on what needs to be changed could you follow this format:

Move: (Ftilt, upB, etc.)

What needs to be increased/decreased: (either trajectory, damage, knockback, range).

That will just make it easier for me to keep a track of what needs to be changed.

Known bugs:

His entry animation:  I can’t seem to get rid of his suit graphic, so you still see his suit malfunction in his normal entry pose but he’s not there (don’t know how to fix).

Side B: If running while doing it you can slide of the stage and keep on the same height as the stage.  All you can do is either teleport back to the stage or keep sliding off until you die.  Not a major problem.

Taunts:  All of his taunts share the last part of the animation, so that means my new taunts share all of the same animation at the end.  This means they take a while to get through.  I made the last part of each taunt make it look like he’s reloading his gun, so it’s like a FPS, because you’re most vulnerable while reloading.  It’s the best that I could do :p

Getting hit: If you get hit while you have the UPsmash missile silo, it will stay with you until you use a move with it again.  Also if you get hit while doing his entry animation taunt you will stay invisible until you do the taunt again.

If someone knows how to fix these please tell me.

Download is in the STUFFZ folder in the released content.

If someone on the team or anyone else could make a quick video it’d be much appreciated.

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