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Music Tool Update (again)!

Several of you have reported issues with the latest version of Androu’s brstm tool. Well, the god that is Androu has heard your prayers and has bestowed upon ye this holy patch. Go forth, replace the current Start.bat in your folder with the one in this rar, and produce many brstms.


May Androu be with you. (Watching you sleep, probably. Or touching you inappropriately if you’re a hot girl.)

Time for… revamps!

A while ago (before making Ben or the apparently ill-fated Terminators), I revisited two old textures and fixed them up. That’s right, this is another double update from me. Have a look at the improved Lloyd Irving and Vyse.

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Where is John Connor?


Skynet’s unstoppable killing machine, the T-800, has reached the world of Brawl. Where won’t Skynet extend its tyrannical grip? More importantly… who is it hunting? Continue reading ‘Where is John Connor?’

A true femme fatale!

The T-800’s attack destroyed its own body. However, instead of being the end, the destruction of the T-800 reveals something even more sinister: the highly advanced T-X. Continue reading ‘A true femme fatale!’


I like shorts! They’re comfy and easy to wear!

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Darkness…DARKNESS…darknessdarknessdarkness —


This character appears in the Square/Disney crossover series, Kingdom Hearts. He was the intended master of the Keyblade, but he gave himself — and his heart — to darkness, and he was consumed by it.

Presenting Riku.

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A new member joins the crew!

Hello all, I’m Vyse. If you visit KittyCorp or the SCHC, you might have seen some of my textures already. Well, the people at SS let me join their crew. I’m a major RPG fan, and most of the textures I make will reflect that. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoy making them.

Hit the jump to see my first official Stack Smash texture. This is one that I haven’t posted in either topic on KC or SCHC.

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