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Darkness…DARKNESS…darknessdarknessdarkness —


This character appears in the Square/Disney crossover series, Kingdom Hearts. He was the intended master of the Keyblade, but he gave himself — and his heart — to darkness, and he was consumed by it.

Presenting Riku.

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STAGE UPDATE: Mecha Sonic approves!


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The most evil texture even created…..

The time is over, this texture was supposed to be a funny one, but…in game, he ends looking fucking scary and….evil. He only purpose is to get childs to get raped by him, hypnotizing them with the power of the character he represents off.

I don’t now if i want to shows to you people this texture, but i want to save my live from him…at least for some more days……sorry….

He was one your hero when you was a little child, but now he has evil mind behind, even being the boss of Pedochu and Weegeepuff…………….from a cute mouse to an really ugly and pedophile rat…..Nightmares………

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They are yellow and proud of it. The kid that makes his dad rage all the damned time and the meme other kid.

They need no introduction, I am sure.

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Well, this is quite an odd idea.

MACK THE KNIFE JOINS THE BRAWL! You didn’t seriously think we’d stop at Geno did you?

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Who’s under that helmet?

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A new member joins the crew!

Hello all, I’m Vyse. If you visit KittyCorp or the SCHC, you might have seen some of my textures already. Well, the people at SS let me join their crew. I’m a major RPG fan, and most of the textures I make will reflect that. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoy making them.

Hit the jump to see my first official Stack Smash texture. This is one that I haven’t posted in either topic on KC or SCHC.

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Huh? What’s THIS? A donate button in the sidebar? Cool. Send some cash over, support the site! This is keeping us from setting up ads you know, so send some money over guys. Help a brother out. 😀

Good thing that i found a magic ba……….

Welll guys, this was one of my oldest textures that was supposed to be updated at the same time with Pedochu, but he can’t since we (Lazy folks) don’t tested it, but who cares?? it’s finally here! (Keep in mind that this isn’t today’s midnight update, its a simple texture anyway)

The percursor of death, the armageddon of destruction…… we need to keep his uncontrolable power…….. so we summoned him in a circle, balloon pokemon……….. keeping his energy, and his unique ability, for future purposes………

Jigglypu………no……….no more………….with the power of destroy the live with just his eyes…….now we knows him under the codename of……..W.E.E.G.E.E.P.U.F.F…………

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Gee, That old The King is Boring around Here!!

The King: MAH BOY, this revamp is all the true warriors STRIVE FOR!!

Link: I just wonder when ganon get up too!!

The King: ENOUGH, This Update sails in the Midnight, and i sent LINK!

Link: GREAT, I can draw my STUFF

Gnowan: There is no time, your Octorok is Enough


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