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Once a team of four, now they are no longer more.

They will not be forgotten like the seven. No, they will live on.

The world shall know their legend…

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TRIPLE UPDATE: Hey guys, he’s not dead!

Guess what guys, Warchamp woke up from his coma! yes, you heard it. HOORAAAYYY!!!

He actually has some problems with his computer and he’s unable to use photoshop at the moment (he doesn’t have access to our page on our new server too), but the important thing is tonight he’s bringing you a present from the past.

Anyway, here’s a quote from Warchamp: Hey guys! I’m not dead!

Get ready, because Marcus McCloud, Dynablade, and Shiny Lucario strike back!

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What is a holocaust surviving metal manipulating mutant?

What is Magneto? Yes, we’re paying tribute to another comic-book character, this time the leader of the Brotherhood. Although he may not get along with the wheelchair-bound mind-raping magicman, they’re both mutants. A far cry from fellow comic character Captain Canuck’s screams of “SHOW YA DROWNING POLAR BEARS”, but it gets the job done. Hit the jump for pics of the guy who can stab you with the CN Tower.

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Captain mIRC!!

I cannot allow Androu to brainwash you with these notions of KVIrc and it’s greatness. It is all lies! LIES I TELL YOU!

Do not listen to Androu and his fairy tales of Yellow and Purple. You must know of the original and best, the Red, Blue and Yellow!

As such I present my first texture and the TRUE BLUE IRC CLIENT. Captain mIRC!

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