Still Searchin!

Hey everybody, I’m just here to remind you that, we are in fact STILL searching for a hex editor to make our progress faster. If you’re interested just hit me up on our IRC or through comments, or my e-mail I can send you a pack of everything that you’ll need including the tutorial. Then you can be considered a part of our team, even if you suck with photoshop! Sound good? Kewl. So start sending those messages/comments!

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  • I’d love to be a part of the Stack smash crew, but what exactly does this position entail? “Even if you suck with Photoshop” definitely applies to me, but I’m willing to learn what’s needed. Feel free to drop me an e-mail (I entered that here, right…?). Again, I’d love to be a part of this =]

  • Can you send me Ness’s and Toon Link’s stuff? I’d like to give Geno and Mega Man a try.
    A tutorial would be nice too. Maybe send ZSS (preferably the pink one), DK and Falco too. If I have more time to waste, I’d give Justin Bailey, Funky and Rawk Hawk a go too (Rawk Hawk is the latest idea I got, thanks to a few comments in the Rawker Kirby hat edit thing from ]SyntaxError[)

    Note that I can’t test ’em out, so you guys might have to tweak it a little or tell me what to edit.

  • I was told Rag recommended me? =P I don’t see why I can’t help out, I think we should talk, though.

    Email me back, I’ll have emailed you by the time you receive this comment =P

  • “Maybe send ZSS (preferably the pink one), DK”
    You’re not going to be able to get anywhere with those until the guide is released.

  • Okay, those two were less important than Rawk Fawlko, Rock Ness and Geno Link anyway.
    Of the other three, I’d prefer to have Falco, because I think that would be the easiest one to do of the 3 (I’ve made a drawing of it, like my other 4 ideas, but have not scanned it yet) and most likely to be done correctly.

  • This post was for the people who are photoshop challenged. As we have more than enough artists. And not enough hexers.

  • I haven’t hacked before and I am definately not Photoshop challenged.
    I assume I am not the guy you need.
    I will post a link to the Rawk Hawk Falco idea in the suggestion page once it’s up on dA. I have to see if I can get my dad’s scanner to work. If you decide to make one of my ideas, Rawk Hawk first.

  • if youv’e seen some of my stuff on syntax forums you’ll know i could do redesigning the texture kinda artist, infact andou1 offered to make me an artist her but he hasn’t got back to me since a day or so ago, so i’m still very interested in texture editing with photoshop kinda things but i dont know anything about haCKIN (ANDROU1 said i wouldn’t have to know anything about that sorta thing)

  • if youv’e seen any of my stuff on the syntax forums you’ll know i can do photoshoped kinda stuff pretty well, infact androu1 offered me a position as an arstist, i accepted but hasn’t got back to me yet, but i’d still like to be an arsist up here too, either way i’d love for you to send me the tutorial to hacking the textures to: if you dont mind 🙂

  • This is what I want to do. I do have some hex-editing skills and background, maybe not as extensive as yalls, but enough to where if u give supplies and tutorial, I’d have no problem. As well as tht, I have very good photoshop and fireworks skills, but u don’t need tht. Drop me an email and ill get back to yall. I’d love to help and be part of the team.

  • Also just for the heck of it, here are my photoshop/firework skills. This is the Jugg4n4ut Chronicles, where once I begin texture hacking, every character will get the Jugg4n4ut skin. Wat is this theme, and y red, black and green? It is a representation of me. I have green hair in real life, thus every character has green somewhere in the head region, as well as other places. Black and red r my favorite colors as well, and red is, of course, the color of the Juggernaut. I think I explained everything. Once I finish this, ill be giving everyone a zombie skin.

  • As much as I would love to hack, I *sniff* dont have photoshop! :'(

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