If you like us, you’ll like these guys too.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen ]SyntaxError[, and I assume you have, well, they linked to us on their site so I thought we’d return the favor. If you haven’t seen these guys’ fantastic work, check it out: eesyntaxerror.net

I’m sure this won’t help in the same way that EE linking to us will, but well, it just felt wrong not to exchange links. So check them out!

7 Responses to “If you like us, you’ll like these guys too.”

  • True. Knew ]SyntaxError[ before Stack Smash, though, but I like you both.

  • ]SyntaxError[ was the first texture hacking group, and I can’t deny that they’ve done some incredibly detailed texture hacks . . . but what I prefer more via them to Stack Smash is mainly how you all take suggestions. Such a little detail like that (and how you all are more Nintendo-oriented, whereas they go making more costumes of random cartoon characters and such) can really make-or-break some people.

  • Ha, I knew about them before you guys. I googled texture hacks and that’s how I found you. I prefer you guys to Syntax error because you aren’t all “OKAY ONLY 2 HAX PER CHARACTER NO EXCEPTIONS NO REQUESTS”
    You just have fun with it, AND do requests! And that’s pretty awesome. You guys interact with the fans more than them, which I have told you in the chat room.

    I have to pee now ):

  • I’ll advocate for this one. ]Syntax Error[ has done some amazing things. If you have any interest in these texture hacks, by all means take a look at them.

  • Don’t get me wrong, Syntax Error were the first to take Brawl hacking to a whole new level…and they might be the better hacking group, working out things like transparency of textures, and even how some of the crazy hard textures work is a nightmare! But, I generally prefer Stack Smash.

    I don’t think it has anything at all to do with requests, because well…who cares? If I wanted to see what anyone else’s ideas for hacking were, then they should do it themselves.

    Part of the fun of these things is finding out what character they’ve done next and being like “that’s brilliant!” but if someone has already suggested it a million times before it loses its appeal.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, guys!

  • ]SyntaxError[ doesn’t have Pokéball Kirby, Blaarg or Human Giygas, but you guys don’t have Mr. L, Dry Bowser or Dark Samus.
    Picking one would become the biggest dilemma I’ve ever faced (not that I faced many :/ )

  • When it comes to the final product, I prefer ]Syntax Error[. They don’t do requests, but the ones they do do are pretty cool, and the outcome is amazing. But even though I only found this place yesterday, I like this place a lot too. Your textures are cool as well, and you take requests, and I want some of my requests listened to! 😛
    Keep up the good work!

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