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Soreto you wanna be my friend?

Going Merry now sails for a new adventure, but this time with just one member, Monkey D. Ruffy. Those adventures on the Grand Line were tough, but Ruffy now wants to have a little fun, joining Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Continue reading ‘Soreto you wanna be my friend?’

DOUBLE UPDATE: Two memes for the price of one.

Surpriiiiise! Tonight, we have a double dose of memes. First, there is AwesomeKirby, which, due to the mirroring of textures, looks like a complete retard. But that’s ok, because we’ve got a hack that just can’t wait to CHARGE IT’S LAZOR. SHOOP DA WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP. Shoop da Bowser and Awesomekirby. Double update material if I ever saw it.

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Here to do whatever chipmunks do, it’s Chipmunkchu!

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13 = 10?

Remember Jason-X? Remember how at the end of the movie, they escaped from him, the spaceship blew up, and Jason disappeared? Well, it turns out he was jettisoned all the way through space, until suddenly he crashed into a familiar ship, the Halberd. And Meta-Knight wouldn’t stand for this. He took out Mr. Voorhees with one quick spam of the neutral-b, and claimed his prize, a BRAND NEW MASK!!! Talk about bein’ overprotective, mirite? So, here’s your pics of Meta-Knight’s shiny new mask. I like shiny things…

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Special Update: REVAMPED 5

So, yet again, a group of revamped crusaders set out to save the world. Unfortunately, we couldn’t give you a revamped costume made before Stack Smash as like last time, but beware. This costume, the last unreleased before our formation, is still lurking in the shadows, waiting to be revamped and posted. It might just catch you by surprise when it reaches your eyes. But not today, hopefully these excellently improved costumes sate your texturelust for now, sorry about the lack of updates. We’re working as hard was we can. But I know what you’re thinking, PICS NAO. Don’t fear, as here they are.

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Scarf it down!

Tonight, we have one of Kirby’s oldest enemies, from a level that was actually a cloud level done right, the only occurance of a good cloud level ever. (YES, I’M LOOKING AT YOU, SUPER PAPER DISAPPOINTMENT.) He was one of Kracko’s greatest minions, a cheery, happy floating enemy with a very short temper. When you try to damage it, it’s cheery disposition transforms into one of pure rage, and it’s two happy eyes transform into one inflamed cyclopian receptacle. Run, run far away, because Scarfy’s coming to town! And he got a new haircut too.

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Time for a chase!

Tonight, we have a character who is separated from his heart. While this may seem like a bad thing, it actually isn’t, as it gives him power. This guy was a normal, average, gentle giant, he was a wimp, until Bowser (ironic seeing as this is our base) mucked with him, made him separate from his heart, and basically destroy Mario. What resulted was one of the most memorable villains of the best game of all time (IMO), Paper Mario. Let’s give a hand to Tubba Blubba! *pics*

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Enter the movies!

Haha, finally, my first texture to be released here!

What about a movie, hm? An action movie, maybe? But what if you get sucked INTO the movie? That’s right, the texture I’m going to present you guys, is a guy who likes X-Burgers and has a V-Shaped Watch. His favorite hero is Captain Blue, the world’s best super hero. If you guessed Viewtiful Joe, you guessed it right! Come on man, hop into the movies and get Sylvia back from the Jadow!

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