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Once a team of four, now they are no longer more.

They will not be forgotten like the seven. No, they will live on.

The world shall know their legend…

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The ]EE[ Story

Alright, the story from ]EE[ is that they ran into some technical difficulties. They have some suspicions regarding the matter but the short and sweet version is that the patch will unfortunately not be released.

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Regarding ]EE[

I’m currently talking with Raganook on the matter. Don’t worry they’re not dead.

I’m currently finding out whats going on with things.

Stack Smash vs ]EE[

So yeah, there’s a battle between myself and Skyos from Syntax Error coming up in a few days. They’ve started a poll on their site so go and vote for me to win mmkay?


EDIT: There will be a fan favorite texture match so make sure to go vote for that too!

Another Mystery Man Steps Out From The Shadows!

It seems Count Bleck’s assistant Nastasia has brainwashed another victim. And this time she got Mario!

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The Cursed Mask Claims Another!

Looks like Metaknight found a new mask, but it’s not a good one!

It seems that Majora’s Mask has found itself a new wearer. Better take care of this fast Link, I think Metaknight will cause you a lot more trouble than that pesky Skull Kid!

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To Resonate With You Update

From the universe of Symphonia comes the child prodigy Genis!

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Here to do whatever chipmunks do, it’s Chipmunkchu!

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Captain mIRC!!

I cannot allow Androu to brainwash you with these notions of KVIrc and it’s greatness. It is all lies! LIES I TELL YOU!

Do not listen to Androu and his fairy tales of Yellow and Purple. You must know of the original and best, the Red, Blue and Yellow!

As such I present my first texture and the TRUE BLUE IRC CLIENT. Captain mIRC!

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